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Pet Scan

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Well another Pet Scan today, hope that activity in my hip is behaving, promised my wife I would not plant my vegetable garden this year until I get a clean bill of health! So here's to the vegetable garden going in this year lol!!!!

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GOOD LUCK !!! Hopefully everything is FINE. John

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tall floridian
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Vinny - my prayers are with you - that veggie garden needs your "touch" so that it can grow and supply you with fresh veggies for your Italian meals. The day I came home from the hospital my mom made homemade chicken caccitore - my stomach said "yummy I'm home bring on the pasta" (smiles) Hugs, Steve

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Hi Vinny,
I will be keeping you in my prayers that everything comes out excellent! You should do your vegetable garden regardless of whatever news you get. Enjoy life now and not later! Take care (hugs)!


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We all love tomatoes fresh off the "vinny" ;).
I know that was lame but I had an endoscopy today and
still feeling the "Alice in Wonderland" drugs they give you - LOL.

Good luck and hugs,


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All the best to you! Mary

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Hey Vinny,
Nothing but good positve thoughts on your PET scan! It's going to be clean and you will have knee high corn by July! Love ya...Sue (FNHL-2-3a-6/10)

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Posts: 1032
Joined: Nov 2006

Thanks for the wonderful comments!

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Joined: Aug 2010

Hi Vinny,

All postive thoughts coming your way.

Two of my daughters have veggie gardens. I prefer to just have flowers in my garden. I have so little space so I either buy my veggies and/or get the excess from my girls.

Be sure to post some pictures when your garden is in full swing.

Postive thinking....

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Best to you for great results with the PET scan. And may you have enough veggies that you have to set up a farm stand in front of your house!


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Vinny , I pray that you have so many vegetables this year that you will be on the news for feeding your whole neighborhood. Let us know.

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my prayers are with you that everything comes back good with tje pet scan blessings denise

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