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Is anyone on this drug, if so, how are you doing?

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I am on this form of chemo. I was diagnosed on 4/16 with stage IV non-small lung cancer. and started chemo the following Tuesday. I had no problems the first couple days after, then was very tired the next couple days. Then, got my energy and appetite somewhat back again.

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Hi, I was diagnosed around the same time as titan 123, and started chemo every 3 weeks with alimta and carboplatin on 5/4. I have stage 4 adenocarcinoma with lymphatic and shoulder mets.

The first round of chemo was awful! I had violent abdominal cramps and sloughing of the intestinal lining for 2 weeks. Finally was put on an old drug called Donnatol with relief. Also found that one of the 2 chemo drugs was horribly constipating. It has taken over a month to find a combo of Miralax and exlax daily to get that under control.....once it was the constant nausea has pretty much gone away.

Guess that tiredness is individualized. I stayed pretty tired throughout that first 3 week cycle, but it is better this time. Had round 2 on 5/4, and though tired still am not sleepy this time. So far the gi symptoms are controlled with the above regimen and ginger taken 4x daily.

Am learning how individualized this is for each of us.....someone gave me a suggestion for metal mouth-fresh coconut meat. My hubby is out at the store now looking for one to crack. Hope that it works for me too as well as it has for her.

Am now waiting for a repeat chest and neck CT before my next round on 5/25 and am very fearful....concerned they want to do this so soon.....does anyone have comments?

Thanks forever for the support.

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My husband has taken Alimta. He has stage 4 NSCLC this was his third chemo drug. He was taking it once every three weeks. He did two doses (6 weeks) then had a CT scan. It was stable no shrinkage but no growth either. He did three more doses (9 weeks) and developed a terrible pain in his right rib area starting in the back and radiating toward the front. The doctor took him off it and did a PET scan right a way that shows the cancer is progressing. So he will be going on a different chemo called Gemzar next week.

I wish you the best.

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I just started on Altima andCisplatin on 3/12/13.  I have stage 3B lung cancer.  Chemo cycles are every 21 days.  I have not been on it to experience any issues yet I think.

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