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Offering Some Free Levity to Those in Need

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Hi Everyone,

I think about this board and its members often and I wish to share a humor book I wrote and hopefully bring a chuckle or two to those in pain. You can read my personal story here:


I wrote a book called LETTERS TO EBAY which was published in 2007 by Warner Books (now Grand Central Publishing). Basically I wrote silly questions to eBay sellers in which they replied in earnest to sell their item(s). The book has 115 total eBay auctions, questions, and replies. You can view my Amazon page here:


I currently have around 5 copies and I am willing to send and ship them out for free to those who are interested. I'm wanting to get them in the hands of those who are suffering and need a little escape and laugh. It's a great book to read out-loud to others as well. I've heard reports of people laughing so hard their stomach hurts.

So, if you are interested please e-mail me at: thatguyjedi@hotmail.com with your address (if you're comfortable) and I'll ship one out for you ASAP. Also, if you have any questions about the book or anything else you're more than welcome to e-mail me at the above address. Thanks and be well.

-Paul Meadors
(Art Farkas)

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I had three people e-mail about the book and they were all shipped yesterday including one overseas. Enjoy.

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I recieved your book today in the mail, and just started to read it. I LOVE YOUR SENSE OF HUMOR!!! The intro to the book was great! Thanks again for sending this to me and for the autograph!!

dad stage iv

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We just got the book. Its great ,thanks for it and tne autograph. Sure needed some fun in my life now. This is a big boost Phil--Dianne

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I'm so glad you guys received your books and are enjoying them!

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