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Has anybody ever had this shot and had a terrible reaction to it? I get the worst, most painful and debilitating headache from these shots that lasts for 5 days. Tylenol, percocets, don't touch the pain. Anybody have this and have a solution? I am at the point of refusing any more of these. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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My wife had one shot after her first chemo treatment of her second round due to low white count. She made up her mind after the one shot that she would postpone treatment instead of taking the shot. She said her head and shoulders felt like they were in a vise pressing fron the inside out.

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Yes, I know only too well, the pain from Neulasta. I just finished 6 cycles of chemo and 6 shots of Neulasta. I too had bone pain over my entire body for about 5 days. What I found to help was a heating pad, I moved it around on the sorest areas, which was my shoulders and neck. None of the pain meds helped me either, I took them only first 2 days, just so I could sleep at night, otherwise I was up all night walking around because of the pain. While it is uncomfortable, I never had to postpone a chemo because of low white blood cells.
One note, be sure you tell your oncologist about the pain. I also took Claritin the morning of the Neulasta shot, and the 2 days after, it did help a little. Iknow it doesn't work for everyone. I think the Neulasta was the hardest part of the chemo experience, but you can make it through. After my first cycle, I cried and said I couldn't do it 5 more times, but I did.Find a reason to endure it, mine was my 3 grandchildren. My best to you in your fight with this.

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Thanks so much for your comments. I luckily didn't have any body aches or bone pain, it just all went to my head. The worst headache ever where I was in bed for four days unable to get out, could barely stand to open my eyes. I did tell the docs about this. It should be interesting what they have to say about it. I only have one more chemo left, so there should be no issue with treatment postponement, just general health. Thanks again. Glad I'm not the only one.

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