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"LIFE SURVIVOR". Thanks Craig..

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I really like the very descriptive term "life survivor"!!

I am at MD Anderson at this moment in time having scans, scopes etc. Always a bit of a scary time for most of us! Anyway, I decided cancer is only one chapter in the book titled "MY LIFE" and I HAVE survived life! At least 61 years of it. (working on more).

Thanks Craig, Lorie

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Hi Lorie

Howdy all the way from North Texas down to South Texas:)

I hope that MD is treating you kindly today and that all goes as expected for you. That's interesting what you say about cancer being 'a chapter.'

I think that's how it started out for me...I figured it would take a little bit of time, but I would step through the hoops and get through it - and then have a nice story to talk about the rest of my life about how I got one over on cancer:)

Now, a month away from 8-years...that chapter is beginning to look alot like a book on cancer....which conincidentally I wrote a book about 6-months ago, LOL! It's got "17" chapters in it, LOL!

Life is really 'survival' at the core of it all anyway, isn't it? Even without cancer, just getting from "One End to the Other" as whole as you can is not as easy as they make it appear in the brochures:)

I would imagine if we looked back across the vast spectrum of human history and looked at all the tragedies that mankind has endured and overcome, SURVIVOR would be the key element and a running theme throughout the gamut.

And yes, humanity "Lived" through it - but they also "Survived" it, too. And there is something to be said about that.

"Living With Anything" is what we try and do - we have no choice but to live or die.

"Surviving" though is the price that we paid for the "Bill of Living" through the events of our lives that we managed to overcome, while also not allowing ourselves to succumb to the challenges that all of us face at some point in the Life Journey.

The way I see it - "Survival Gives Us Our Best Chance to Live."

And so far, I have survived Life and all the challenges placed before me (so far).

And believe me, when you have the opportunity to share your story with someone and tell them you've made it through all of whatever it was that happened to you - the world sees you as a survivor as well.

"And if that's wrong - I don't wanna' be right."


Take care and good luck, Lorie:)


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Hmmmm...here's to hoping for MANY MORE chapters of life...surviving everything that is thrown at us becomes an art form in itself, LOL!
I was diagnosed with melanoma a couple of years ago, had surgery with clear margins, yeah, then this! Sometimes I feel like a big C magnet...then scold myself and get on with living...must tell you I enjoy your posts, would love to read your book.....

Where in North Texas do u live? I have lived in both Sherman and Denison .. Lorie

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Being only two years out from my resection, I find you a real inspiration. If i make it 8 years as you have done i"ll be 86 and ready to
call it a day. But then I have to outlive my wife of 55 years who has alzheimers. As her caregiver she needs me to be around for a while.
Good luck to us all for as many more years as we need.

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