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counterfiet avastin warning in latest lef magazine, excess vit D warning as well

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just got home from the vegan retreat,
well lots of things to do,
feeling realy good but sad as my wifes father is dieing peacefully at his house , he wants no medical intervention.

well just read the current life extension magazine may 2012.

it mentions fda warning of counterfeit anti-cancer drug avastin.

just google it for details. it does not effect me, but may be worth confirming,
highlights the issues with money and medicine for me.



ps lots of other great articles in the mag, like dangers of going to high with vit d and my favourite enhanced sexual function in woman.

of course i read the mag for the article not the pictures.

anyone seriously interested in supplements could try the 3 month free subscription.
i have been a member since diagnosis, almost 2 years now.

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Pete -

"of course i read the mag for the article not the pictures"

Could you uhhh...... maybe.... send me the pictures?

The Avastin problem was announced almost a year ago,
along with many other cancer drugs. It's apparently been
a problem for longer than that, but not fully recognized
until fairly recently.

*ScienceDaily (Sep. 1, 2010)
* World Health Organization (2006)

There are counterfeit herbs as well, and common weeds being
sold as expensive "remedies". The higher the price, the more
apt one is to stumble into a false product (they usually don't
bother with the less expensive raw herbs).

Where there's big money to be made, there will be someone to
rip you off... caveat emptor.

Best of health,


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I checked your links, seems avastin fake was Feb 2012, it's 2 months not 12, lef is on the ball

If I were on avastin, I would want to know I had the real drug.

Did they tell me?

Did the fake effect me, for how long?

Can I Sue, let's get a class action going!

Or maybe I am grateful to be spared the evils of chemo.

This fraud raises many interesting issues, the main one did it effect me or any of ny friends here on can.

I am not on chemo, thank God, I have raised this as all my

Posts for the benefit of us all.

Why are we so uninformed, the irony here is alternative health advocates like me and lef maybe helping our chemotherapy friends.

I guess thanks is just to much typing for everyone here.

So, but gratitude is and honesty are important to me.

Apparently she is 75. Says alot for the anti aging stuff.
I posted the link to the mag, a few nice pictures,

I must have missed it when this story broke, came out, fraud and greed
Everywhere, thats why I want to go back to nature.

I wonder if any was contacted, no one hear said anything.

Now it would be very interesting to see if the fake avastin got
The same result, the ultimate double blind clinical trial. I hope the details come out.

The power of the mind. Having my Tcm tea now. Cheers to our good health.


Ps says alOT for trying different treatments like Tcm, chemo, etc etc
One may actually work, we never know which one is real.

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not approved here and totally ineffective .......

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thanks steve

some here use it, glad its not used much in usa, but the fda alert says 16 centers had the fake, so it must be used in the usa, your reply basically contradicts the fda, if i am understanding this issue, correctly.

which as we all know is extremely unlikely.


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Posts: 1956
Joined: Oct 2009


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After viewing the pics of the Fake Avastin. It is impossible that any medical professional did not know that they were administering a fake drug. There is a FDA number given to every drug. There was no drug number on any of the fakes that I saw pictures of. No number on the box and no number on the vials.

Why any professional would still inject these drugs is criminal. This was life threatening all for the sake of money. Every nurse, tech, Doc involved should be in jail. Every Pharma Co that sold the fakes, Jail! It is NOT possible that any professional got fooled, they knowingly used fake meds. (OK, a pass for someone right out of School, short of that the action was criminal. I was a Paramedic and we never learned about the FDA numbers in school, but did on the job.) I have seen fake drugs that looked fairly real. Not in use but in articles to watch out for fakes.

Best Always, mike

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thanks mike

the low of deceit just hit a new low.

taking advantage of a cancer patient clinging to life, this sux, gaol is to kind.

good old fashioned greed, amazing when unbridled capitalism can achieve.

i would actually give the guilty some chemo and a good 25 cycles of arse penetrating radiation, after a few months of agony then when they say sorry and mean it, they could get hanged.

i am glad no one here so far was effected.


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