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any help???

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hey guys.....back on the heavy chemo....no more maint, for 6 rounds....its been 3 years since ive had to come home with the pump. my qustion is, what if anything can i do or eat or drink to feel somewhat better seems like it was easier last time!!! if anyone can help i know its you guys!!!! thank you for any help!!!!

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Sorry this time is rougher on you.

I did not have chemo, but hope that this will get your post to the top of the list so others can chime in.

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Comfort food always did it for me. I liked to drink a lot of water to help flush out my system and I was a big fan of green tea and the occansional glass of red wine. Best of luck to you!

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for me, the best foods that fit in my chemo diet and that appealed to me...
PBJ on fresh bread or PBJ on toast.
Grilled Cheese sandwiches
Macaroni and Cheese.
Ravioli (minumal spices)

and, i always would drink a Protein drink like Boost or Ensure, every morning and if Orange Juice sounds good... i would drink an ensure a large glass of orange juice and 2-4 glasses of water to kick off the morning. i also try and eat a banna each day.

I'm not on the total health food kick, as I'm 16 weeks into my chemo cocktails and have 8 weeks to go. So, my oncologist had told me to eat whatever sounds good, whenver you can eat it.

I was enimic (very low hemoglobin) and they put me on Iron pills 2 days a week.
so once my hemoglobin count came back up, the energy and appetite came back.

I had lost 40lbs from Jan to the 3rd week of March.
once the meds and premeds were balanced out (after complaining each time about how crappy i felt) i began to gain some weight.
so far i've gained 10 lbs since March 15th and my stomach pains and non willingness to eat has improved greatly.

Other ideas for food... for some reason, McDonald's fish sandwich seems to taste good at times.

often i feel that if the food shows up on my lap, i eat it.
but at times i hate making the food or trying to decide what to eat.
so i'll always ask my kids or wife to "surprise me" with a snack or sandwich.
it's very helpful if the food just show's up.

also, don't be affraid to complain prior to your chemo treatment.
tell them how you feel, and make sure you complain until they get that under control with premeds or post meds.

they have more meds to fight the side effects.

that's all i can think of... I hope this helps.

my best


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I finished my 5th round on Friday and learning my way through this. I try to always have water with me and drink as much as I can. And I've found that keeping something on my stomach helps, especially days 3 and 4 when I'm more likely to puke. So when I get up and put on a pot of coffee I have a couple of pieces of toast. I had no problem with that this time, so I think I'm on to something. My body seems to tell me what I want to eat -- some things I use to like sound terrible and some are fine. I lost about 15 pounds in the first month or so, but that has stabilized and I've actually gained 3-4 pounds. My appetite seems improved. I try to eat well when I can, but find myself drawn to hamburgers, especially 5 Guys! But I also love salads. Good luck finding you way through this again. Dan

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These were the tings that eased my stomach cramps and I was able to hold in my system. I know a lot say they could not keep food down. I could not keep food from passing. I would pass 20 times a day after round three FolFox! Some say they did not eat enough calories, I could not get enough calories.

Baby Wipes, soft paper, and Nupracanal. Ginger cookies, dried, what ever form I could get made my stomach at ease, else it was like two cats fighting under my skin. Bananas because I was depleted of potasium. I also loved a good salad. Electrolyte replacement drink and bananas because of the volume of bathroom runs, else I just felt depleted.

I also walked around the block, across the town, went to the trails as often as I could. Usually 3 times a day. Getting fresh air, getting my body to move, and getting out and seeing people always made me feel a little better. I always got out every day at least twice. No matter how horible i felt, i always felt better after my walk. Sometimes i circled the block several times for fear of being to far from a toilet. lol It is funny to laugh at life now.

Best Always, mike
PS This is a horrible experience and only for a limited time. It is a new normal for a short period in one's life. That is the mind set that got me through it.

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