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I hate the term "cancer survivor!"

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Hi - I'm new here; dxed with Stage 2 BC 2 1/2 years ago. Pretty easy ride. I hate the term "cancer survivor" and would like to start using another term. Cancer fighter; Cancer soldier; Cancer winner; Cancer victor; Cancer winner; Cancer standout - something - anything but survivor. What do you all think?

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How about "cancer fighter" during any stage of treatment and "cancer winner" when treatment is successful

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I like both the terms in spite of calling them "Cancer Survivor", they are winners all the way.These are the prompt vogue for them.

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Are you in active treatment or in the follow-up re-examination phase? Hope your are doing well.
I am much older than you and cannot emphasize too much the importance of physical activity as an important
part of medical treatment of any condition, disease, etc. Remember, yesterday is gone - tomorrow hasn't happened -
but TODAY is now to live to the fullest.

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Hi, I'm new here too.  I have "survived" kidney cancer and bladder cancer.   I agree, the word survivor doesn't seem right.   I was reading an article about Michael C. Hall (Dexter) .  He was asked how he felt about beating cancer.  He replied "I didn't beat anything, I survived."

After hearing that, survivor didn't sound so "wrong"...

Best of luck to all of you, let's fight the fight together.

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