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The Budwig Diet ?

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I recently was told about something called the Budwig Diet. It was developed by a German doctor who claims remarkable success treating cancer patients. It consists of combining flaxseed oil, cottage cheese and ground flaxseeds into a mix. Not very appetizing, I admit.

Dr. Budwig claims a ridiculous success rate of 80%+ if used regulalrly in conjunction with a strict, healthy diet. I also noticed a few reports that use of flaxseed may indeed have some possibilities in cancer treatment. But any significant results seems to be in the early phases.

I am a skeptic by nature, but am wondering if anyone has tried this diet, know someone who has, or knows anything about it. I would never consider using this as a replacement for legitimate, proven treatments. But given the relatively tame ingredients of cottage cheese and flaxseed, I don't imagine it could do any harm.

Any thoughts appreciated.

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... on the usual grounds (it would already be standard treatment, somebody would already have the Nobel Prize, what's your degree of belief that this one guy has profound knowledge somehow hidden to the rest of the establishment, etc.).

But, on your logic that you wouldn't consider it as a substitute for proven treatment, and that it's probably harmless, I wouldn't discourage you.

I have no personal knowledge of this "therapy," but as advertised, it fails anything that remotely looks like logic.

D. Bunker, PhD


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The place I am going to for treatment has me on flaxseed twice a day in addition to other supplements. I agree with you, I doubt it could do any harm and may be of benefit.

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I was going to comment on this wonderful diet, but then I put my glasses on. So ummm... never mind.

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