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Swelling in ankle - normal?

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Yesterday, John started experiencing swelling in his left ankle. He hasn't experienced this since the week he came home from the HDIL2 treatment.

He has been on his feet over the past several days more than usual as his mother died a week ago, and burial and funeral home arrangements have resulted in more standing than the norm.

Today he's taking it easy, staying in bed most of the day and propping up his feet. Just wondered if anyone knows if this is a normal reaction or if it suggests something more serious?

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I have had ankle swelling often. The doctor said it is related to water retention and yes that has to do with kidney function.This may or may not be his concern. Check it out with the doctor. It could be diet or drug related.


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If the swelling resolves with his feet elevated for awhile, then it should be of no concern. Remember, water runs down hill.

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