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Mum recently diagnosed

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Hi guys....UK based here.

Mum got diagnosed recently with 3c ovarian cancer - cancer is on the omentum and suspected from Ovaries which is awful news but at least treatable.

I have a question please. She was diagnosed on Thursday 5th April, then had her appointment with the consultant to confirm the findings on Monday 16th April when it was outlined that she would had 6 chemo treatments then probably surgery. She then met with the Oncologist on Thursday 24th who confirmed this and that she would be booked in for her first chemo session soon. Our concern is they delay from diagnosis until where were are today with the date still not confirmed. She is hoping it will start a week on Monday which will be Monday 7th May but she has been told that it may now be after that as she needs to sign some forms first!

So is a wait of over a month until chemo normal? I guess we are looking for some reassurance before we start kicking ***!

Thanks, Joe

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and your mom are facing but you will find a lot of information and support here. I was diagnosed on 3/16/210 and had my first chemo on 4/02/2010. I don't know if this is normal but I am sure you will get feedback from other ladies.

The best of luck to your mom.


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Hi Joe:

Sorry to hear about your mum's diagnosis. When we hear the words cancer, we want it out quickly and treated immediately. But that is not always the case. I was diagnosed in September of 2005 and didn't begin treatment until the end of November of 2005. I too was concerned about waiting. It can be the same with surgery too. When I was found to have a positive biopsy for a mass in October of 2009, I didn't have surgery until February of 2010. (It turned out to be negative).

So, although everyone's treatment is different, it isn't unusual to wait for treatment and/or surgeries.

My best to you and your mum.


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You've come to the right place for information and support. First, I am so sorry too about your mum's diagnosis. I was diagnosed on September 16, 2010 and had my surgery on October 11th, so I waited almost a month. As you and your mum no doubt understand, the waiting was hard for me mentally and emotionally because the minute I was given the news, I wanted them to go in right then and there and take all of the bad stuff out. My doctor reassured me that the wait would not hurt me, in terms of my cancer.

Sending good thoughts to you and your mum, and praying that the treatments kick her cancer's butt!


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a few weeks will be ok. I was also diagnosed in Sept 2010 and had my surgery first week in Oct. I stared chemo 2 weeks later. Sorry to hear your Mum is going through this. Why does your Mum have to wait for her surgery? Blessings..Val

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The consensus seems that the delay from diagnosis until starting chemo isn't anything to be concerned about, although the concern for Mum is that she is very keen to get things moving although she does feel fine at the moment.

She had litres of fluid drained from her tummy at the start of April, and she is keen that she starts chemo before the fluid comes back. She is also pretty pissed off that she wasn't diagnosed earlier as she felt unwell since the end of 2011, but cancer wasn't identified until the ascites.

From what I understand, they reason that she is starting with chemo is that the 'seedlings' are lining her omentum and chemo will be more effective followed by surgery to try and get rid of what is left - would that make sense?

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waiting becomes the normal. You seem to wait for everything. test results, chemo, surgery, appointments. It can be stressful. I was told on January 31st there may be a problem and surgery was Feb 29, first chemo March 21st. My Dr told me it was ok, that things would not progress that quickly. That's just what I was told. Wishing you and your mom all the best through this.

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So mums chemo was pulled forward and she started yesterday! - Taxol and Carbo....after a day in the hospital and a nights sleep she says that she feels fine today and is planning a quick walk and some shopping!

I know it's early days but we are pleased that the session went as well as can be. The length is the standard 6 sessions every 3 weeks.

Do you have any advice around diet? What about hot drinks (Mum has decided to give up dairy so no milk in her tea anymore!)

Thanks - Joe

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