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MM with severe heart disease

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My husband was dx last week at the VA with MM,he is 65,the Dr told us it was from exposure to agent orange when he was in Viet Nam, he had a light heart attach right after he got out of the service when he was in his early 20's which we know think may have been AO also,at the age of 42 he had a quadruple bypass and has had mulitable stents since that time,he has been anemic for at least since 2003 and had other blood chemistry that pointed to MM,the doctor went back into his file and said she did not understand why no one ever looked at this before,he had a bone marrow test a few weeks ago and he does have MM,for now we are not going to do any treatment,we both feel he has had this for a long time,my concern is that he has only half of his heart function,his ejection fraction is only 26 %,I am terrified that any treatment will kill him,has anyone out there had a severe heart disease and been able to survive the treatment,they could not tell us exactly what stage he is in,they found a bone lesion on his arm,but cannot do an MRI because he has a pace maker/defibulator implant and they say a CT scan won't help,I do know that his kidneys are not involved so far,he has never gotten any compensation from VA but we have now filed which will help a lot because it is service connected,I still work 2 days a week because
we can't make it on our SS and and the little he draws from his pension,I hope they don't take long to approve it.He has the headache,back and neck pain and nausea from it already, we see the Cardiologist in the morning to see what they recommend,he doesn't see VA Cardio,we have a private one,he just sees VA to get his meds and now for this,VA also found he has an adomanal arota ayrurysm last year that they are just watching,sorry this is so long,thanks for listening.

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