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Lung tumor increase/adrenal gland mets now. Any experience?

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Hi, everyone! Stage IV lung with mets to spleen (I know...weird!) diagnosed last September. Spleen removed (because biopsy caused excessive internal bleeding), and I responded very well to chemo, with inoperable lung tumor shrinking by two-thirds. Last chemo January 1st or so. Scans yesterday now show lung tumor growing again, a 2 x 1 cm mets lesion on the left adrenal gland, and an incisional hernia mid-abdomen (I was so relieved about that -- been having belly pain for weeks and weeks with no logical explanation). Nothing anywhere else. I am SO blessed. Does anyone know the "normal" course of treatment I might expect to learn of? Just curious if they would use same chemo as they did for lung only or if they usually change it when another organ is involved?? Have no followup with oncologist yet...will get that info Monday. Just wondering if any of you have any experience or info??? Otherwise doing very well. I haven't participated much on these boards, but am truly in awe and very grateful to find such positive, wonderful folks in this room. Thanks in advance for any info you might be able to share. Have a great "rest of the weekend." Marsha

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