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More and more is being written about Chemobrain and the impact on the patient. Please share your experiences with this side effects. The reactions and treatments with Physicians and Insurance companies. How family and friends treat you when you try to explain.

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Great point about sharing about this frustrating side effect. Have found it terrible since I already have brain fog from another disease! This time am having difficulty with destinations.....tried to tell my hubby where our daughter was meeting friends for dinner in a different town, but it kept coming out Petland! Also having trouble following plot lines on tv and in books.
Maybe some others will share now a little.

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I have always been the manager in my home. Never was late on my rent or utilities. Since chemo and radiation, my gas, water and cable gets cut off all the time. I can't think to finish sentences. I can't remember simple words in my conversations!
My husband was having a conversation last night about hitting a deer, and I called him in the room to ask him what a deer was!!! I knew I should have knew this.
I've always kept things together and moving in our house, now, things are falling apart! I have this constant swishing sound going through my head and can't hear a lot of things being said.
I thought at first it was something that would just go away in time, but now, I am beginning to get scared.
Chemo and radiation got rid of the cancer and took my mind with it. My family thinks I am going crazy and so do I
My doctor even looks at me like I'm crazy, so I don't know where to turn for help.
Maybe that's just it, I have lost it!


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Hello !
I did not have chemo, I'm a H/N patient...tried rads fried my throat 11 sessions in. Rads does effect memory ! I have problems daily grasping at words that use to come easily. I did get my files (paper work) in some kind of order. I explain to bill collectors if I get things mixed up, what's going on. I hate this as I always wonder if this cancer is going to take me (my brain) and leave what behind. This has been going on for several months, and I'm only into this dx 8 months. But, at least I'm not the only one going through this ! Some days I laugh at myself and make a joke of it...other days I hit the sides of my head and cry. Katie

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