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2.0 CEA

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Hi Everyone!

With all of the stress and sad news that the Big C can bring. I received good news today. My blood tests all came back to normal. My CEA was 2.0! 24 months ago my CEA was 1125. 2 Surgeries, 30 days in the hospital and 6 months of FolFox and 12 more months of recovery. I am starting to feel normal again!

Sold a business, turned off the other business, and moved to the mountains. We have had a busy 2 years!

We are going on a hike in the mountains in the morning. (w/wife and 2 dogs) We are loving the Mountain life! It takes some getting used to. If we want something we can not always find it in a small mtn town and must wait for a mailorder. Everything is not at the local grocery store. At the same time, the speed limit is 25mph, the Highway is 35 or 45mph. We slowed down, relaxed and are enjoying life. We have central air and cooling but use a wood stove and windows.

Best Always and you guys are always in our thoughts and prayers.

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That is awesome news on the CEA. You have had quite a cancer journey! Mtn life sounds great. Reminds me of my small town livin minus the mtns. Keep on keepin on. Take care

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What a nice update. I am on chemo 5 of 12 for stage 3 colon cancer so I find updates like yours wonderful. And the needed boost to get me through the rest of the chemo.

Enjoy the mountains!

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So glad that you are starting to feel better and enjoy your new home. There are many beautiful places to hike in your area and some really fun places to fish. If we ever get a chance to break away and head to Willow Springs, I'll give you a shout.



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Great news about your health. The mountain life sounds wonderful, enjoy and God Bless.

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I am smiling as I nod off.
I love reading good news, thanks for sharing.
Sent from my misty mountain to yours.

Prayers for continued low ceas.


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Have a big hug!

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Great news. I loved your update. So glad you and your wife are enjoying "Life" in the mountains. It sounds like your body is liking your lifestyle change as well. Best of luck to you and I wish blessings to you my friend from Minnesota.


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Yay! Cheers! Wonderful for you and your wife! Celebrate everyday Mike :)


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Great news about CEA and the slower lifestyle. I love being around nature, it's good for the mind and spirit.

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It is so encouraging to hear about how good you've come. I love your attitude toward life at this stage. One good thing cancer does is give us a totally different aspect on life. Bless you. Jeff

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Yay for the good news. Your new life sounds wonderful. Prayers for continued good news.
Hugs,' Judy

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Thanks Everyone for the encouragement! Without all of the advice from Pete, Blake, Nana, and so many more, my journey would have been a lot harder.

Our lives changed when I got diagnosed with cancer for the second time. We knew we were going to make some big changes. We are loving it! Wolfen, we would love to see you when you can get away from the city. We had Elk down the street from our house last night! I can not even imagine having an Elk in my yard in SoCal. lol

We also need each other's successes. That Encouragement helped me through the rough times. I knew the pain and hardships would be over soon. I tell everyone the terrible stuff is just a new normal for a short time. The pains do go away, and some of the loss of nerves is just a new normal. A friend and business mentor of mine, Jim. During his third fight with colon cancer told me, "It is better to look down at the roses then up at them." Words to live by.

Best Always, mike

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Sounds absolutely wonderful!  Enjoy!  If not for my family, Bryce Canyon would be my home away from home with visits to Park City and those wonder mountains!




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Joined: Oct 2010

A change of pace made our lives a lot better.   Fresh Air, Fresh water, growing our won food, a slower life pace.  We really changed our lives to give me the best chance for a cure.  Medical care is farther away, but still only a easy travel away.  Make the best of what is important in life.


Best Always!   mike

Bryce and Park City are a dream to live in!  The people are just as important as the surroundings!

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Thank you to our moderators for being vigilant. ~ Cynthia

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i am so happy for your news. It sounds like mountain living was an awesome adjustment. And whoo hoo yo for the 2.0!!!

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That's great news!  I'm trying to sell my business and lower the stress level in my life. Enjoy your hike..


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