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Salads, Veggies and the Colostomy Bag - need some help here!

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when i got my colostomy bag in December 2011, i hated it.

but honestly, with all the diarea it makes life VERY easy.
I am able to fly and travel as well as attend all my kids events.

the problem and questions that i have, relate to the foods that i was told to avoid.
obviously nuts, corn were told to remove from my diet, but they also mentioned brocoli causes too much gas, coliflower as well as salads. So, i've avoided all salads since December.

I am craving salads and vegies!

does anyone have a bag and experimenting or has experimented with various salads or foods that you were unable to eat in the beginning?

I have removed most red meat, only a small burger once a week or so when i have the chemo-hangover/jet lag feeling. But mostely pizza, subway sandwiches, baked patatoes, PBJ sandwhiches on toast and mac N Cheese hit the spot for daytime foods. I always can find a way to eat breakfast... but I really want to start pushing in some salads and just reaching out for any advice or help.

thanks a bunch!


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I've had a colostomy since 2010 and I eat everything!! I love salads however it does cause some gas but I still eat it. I also eat nuts and corn. I have found that my stoma has slowed down alot and I can basically eat whatever. I don't eat steak just a hamburger everynow and then like you. Have you thought about irrigation? I went to go see me stoma nurse on Wednesday and she brought it up to me but it's something that must be done everyday at the same time and it takes about an hour I don't know if I want to commit to it.

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I have had my colostomy since March 2010 and I eat almost everything. It is true that some things cause different reactions...gas being one. I have found that taking Beano before I eat gas producing foods helps in that department.

I have found that iceberg lettuce doesn't sit very well, but Romaine is a good substitute. Not sure why, just is.

Try introducing one item slowly and see if it has any ill effects. Then add another.

Good luck on expanding your menu options.

Marie who loves kitties

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Kenny H.
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Same here there is nothing I wont eat now including lots of peppers. I do notice if I over do it on salads or greens can get some explosive diarreeha in the bag. But I dont avoid salads or greens, just try to eat less amounts and eating them slower helps alot.

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I don't have a colostomy, but I did have an ilestomy bag for a year.
Your surgery is still very recent and the body is adapting to the changes. I found that as time went by I could add more greens to my diet, but I started off by having them at home---not out and about where I could be caught off guard and unprepared.
Little by little my body got used to the additions.
Best of luck in expanding your menu options :)

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I don't have a colostomy but do have a temporary ileostomy, which I've had for 6 months. I recently started eating salads and pretty much eat anything else I want except nuts, corn, popcorn etc. I had not had salad since July so I have been basking in the glory of the crunch. When I first started eating it, I just ate a little at a time and made sure I chewed it very well. I ate romaine lettuce only, then I gradually added other vegies such as peppers, cucumbers and carrots. I eat broccoli but only if it's cooked. Easy fruits to start with are peeled apples and pears, and melons of different types. I do get gas in the bag but I have a two piece system and can burp it. I only eat the gas producing stuff if I'm hanging out at home. Burping the bag is odiferous, so only for the home bathroom.

Good luck on trying foods. It's so nice when you are able to vary your diet more. Sounds like from others with colostomies, you will be able to.


son of hal
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Hey Joe- Yep, same as everyone else here, I eat anything I want including veggies. I also eat almonds and/or peanuts every day. I've had an illeostomy since September and the only issue I've had is once when I ate ALOT of cashews (my one weakness since I was a child) AND an apple (with skin) in the same afternoon. It resulted in a temporary blockage. It only lasted about a day but it was no fun and scared me into staying away from apples. Pretty much anything goes in moderation. And don't forget to drink your water.... Lots and lots of water....

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thanks everyone.

I had a very small salad for lunch and its going well.

I love baked and sweet patatoes... as well as pasta.

and the salad came with the pasta and it tasted SOOoooo good.

thanks again everyone...

I'll keep you posted.

love the feedback


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Hi Joe,

My daughter really craved salad and veggies - they had told her to stay away from them. But now she has them whenever she wants. She also get diarrhea from the Folfiri and sometimes things come out about the same as they went in. But she is enjoying having her veggies.

I think when you are craving vegetables your body is trying to tell you something. Glad your salad is sitting well! Good luck.


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After my surgery, temporarily was given an ileostomy which is much narrow opening than the colostomy. Veggies were always a huge and I'm talking HUGE part of my diet before being diagnosed. About a week after having the ileostomy, I'd had eaten my first salad and it was awesome and never caused any problems. Just chew it up really good. The satisfaction that me eating the things I'd always loved were awesome. Sure brocolli is gasy but if you want to eat it when your not going anywhere is fine - who cares if you sit home and have gas!!! Mushrooms were not allowed with an ileostomy and that is one of my favorites and I'll usually cook a bunch and have them several times a week. I'd not let that stop me though and I'd chop them up really fine so they would pass through. Hey if you think about it, if you chew peanuts up small enough it becomes peanut butter in your mouth. Just chew, chew, chew. You should be fine though. Ate steaks, seafood, veggies, chops, almost everything while having an ostomy. Good luck.


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