Total Gastrectomy and Alcohol

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On December 2011, I had a total gasterectomy due to stomach cancer (late stage 2). It has been difficult recovering from the surgery and post-surgery chemo. I have yet to find my "new" normal as I have good days and bad days in relation to eating and tiredness. One of the side effects of pre-surgery and post-surgery chemo was "RUSH" - a white coating on my tongue that leaves an awful bitter taste. This makes consuming food even more difficult. Prescription medicine for RUSH are somewhat effective in reducing the bitter taste. DUring this period I had a beer. It went down well and without the bitter taste feeling. Lately, I have been consuming 1-2 beers a day. As soon as I drink it, it gives me a buzz for 5 minutes then that's it. My question is - Does continual beer drinking have any effect on the intestines since I no longer have a stomach. Does it have any effect on the caner? I have read mixed opinions on this but it is very limited as well.



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    that is good quwstion and i
    that is good quwstion and i am not aware i am new at this i will have surgery soon and i wonder what kind of surgery ROUS EN Y or colonic interposition you had.. and how long the recovery from surgery a month two or more? r u in oprn surgery or laproscopy surgery?