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Doctor Appointment yesterday

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Yesterday was my annual checkup and pap smear. My doctor told me that as of next year I'll no longer be able to get that but only once every three years. That really stunned me and when I'd commented did this have something to do with Obamacare both the nurse and him in unison said "yup Obamacare". He also told me that they will no longer do prostrat screening for men on a regular basis because of this new health care. Seems to me that we are now streaming already into this "great new health care program." Wow just kill us off slowly and get over with it. Seems to be that "well care" was the best care. Guess we can no longer get this. Sad, just very sad.


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OMGoodness, I would have never thought pap smears would become every three years, kind of scary isn't it?
Winter Marie

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We are all going to be swept up in this before all is said and done.

It is sad, Kim...I barely got my scope through this year - they wanted to move it out to 3, but "found a way", so I got it.

The restrictions are going to become more restrictive I think...probably by age first and then so and so on...

You're right, Kim...it is sad...I've been witness to the amount of money being spent at the end of one's lives...and this is one of the major contentions with the insurance company - and to some degree, they have a point.

But, as "viable" people with a chance, the extra odds should not factor in.

I wish I had the time to go into this some more - at some point, after my dad's situation is resolved, I'd like to post on some thoughts I've got and some experiences I've witnessed that has got me thinking.

Hoping your tests are good as gold:)

Glad you're back:)


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But don't you want to avoid a few test and pap smears every year to help out all those unemployed and wellfare people to have health care??? All of us are s'posed to sacrafice for those 1 million lazy people who "deserve healthcare".

Please realize that i am saying this with tounge in cheak.

Hopefully we get him out of office and the next prez can make changes.
what i'm affraid of is Obama making the office of the prez a 4 or 5 term position.
he's made some changes to our nation that no one ever thought could be done.
and honestly, most people have no clue just how damaging this guy and his staff are to our country, our healthcare and our ability to think on our own and take care of ourselves.

in my city, they are talking about making tornado shelters for people who live in mobile homes and they are asking voters who own property to pay for it. Now, the poeple who live in mobile homes rent the space from the landlord. If you are a good landlord and you wantn top dollar for your rent, you would build a shelter for your paying customers. But, the problem is the paying cusotmer want to live there as cheap as possible... if the owner builds the storm shelter he has to raise the rent and the paying cusotmers will move their mobile homes.

storms have been around for hundreds of years and smart people find a way to get out of harms way and go to a friends home or to a school or other public place for safety. But the current thinking is that we should help everyone and pay for everyone.

it;s absolutely out of control.

pray for our kids and grandkids as the country is changing quickly and no one is taking the time to truly understand what is happening...

Democrat or Republican... these politicians are all out of control with their taxes, governance and size of the government. the USA needs a drastic change and i doubt anyone will make the needed changes to put us back on course anytime soon.

i hope they do, but i do not feel confident in their thinking.

sorry to rant...


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I was told the same thing, pap smears every 3 years after a certain age as long as you have experienced no prior problems in that area. I don't know if it is so much Obamacare but that is the guideline put in place a few years ago. Once you turn I think it is 60, no longer necessary every year. My personal docs are with the University of Michigan Hospital and I was told this 3 or 4 years ago. If you have had prior "female problems" then the guideline does not apply.

As an addendum, many unemployed people are not lazy, good for nothing, etc. They are unemployed through no fault of their own. If your company shuts down, you are unemployed and you have done absolutely nothing wrong.

Take care all - Tina

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