starting treatments.. what can I expect?

Have prostate T1C and one lypmh node positive N1. No distant id'd M0. I have been put on casodex for two weeks and next week get a shot of eligard? 60 days later will start on radiation ebrt 5days/wk for 8 wks. so far no sypmtoms and no side affects. I know that will change. Any info, advise would be appreciated. All new to me. Just recently diagnosed. I am going to the James in Columbus.


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    Success in the treatment

    I do not know much about your story but your choice of the combi HT plus RT should get you good results if cancer is found to be localized. I hope that by now your cancer has responded well to HT and that the PSA has decreased.
    The side effects from HT varies from person to person. Some guys experience nasty symptoms but in some they are unoticed.
    You can read about my experience with HT in this links;

    For IMRT you can search in the many threads posted under the same title.

    Be confident. You will bit the bandit.

    Good luck