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mucositis snot whatever it is..

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I know this doesnt sound to pretty but as i am 1 week finished with the radiation, I know that i will have mucus. However why is it coming so much out of my nose? I Forever have a snotty nose that makes me cough..I am so backwards with all this.. I didnt loose weight I gained it. I didnt loose my sour or sweet taste I ate right past that huge lump in my throat. (noone or nothing is gonna keep me away from bread with peanut butter) My biggest problem was the lump i had a few days ago that kept making me dry heave..I dont know where that fella went..I mentioned to the oncologist that my nose was always runny he said " that has nothing to do with the treaments because he treating my throat" Did anyone else have neverending snot?
please dont call me lumpy snot lol

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I also have a numb upper lip from surgery, I have no idea that my nose is running until I look down and see spots on my shirt. I have let my coworkers know to let me know when I need a tissue (I fit right in, I teach Kindergarten, their noses are always running too!).
Just keep kleenex everywhere. It seems to get worse when I exert myself, I try to not cause it to happen. (Walking, cleaning house, gardening, getting classroom ready for the new year. . .) Wish I had an answer for you but I don't.

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since radiation on the throat and elsewhere in the area is all mucous membranes...

KT...I laughed out loud about your class-kids, what a perfect job for getting "help" with a runny nose :)...I'm quite certain that my coworkers, no matter how much I want them to, will ever feel comfortable telling me to grab a kleenex....


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With my first rads in 1998, I didnt have this at all. BOT cancer, presumably rads were centered at the base of my tongue. This time, with cancer of the soft palate, I had flooding from my sinuses and tear glands both. Cold weather drove me nuts. I have had to carry tissue , and lots of it, with me everywhere. Especially bad after eating. This is gradually getting better. Almost gone 8 weeks after rads ended. Crazy.

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