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New member-small cell carcinoma

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I was diagnosed March 13, 2012 with small cell carcinoma. I was told without chemo I had 3-4 months, with chemo 6-9 months. I truly thought I had a cracked rib and an ulcer at the time I went to the doctor. The thought of cancer never entered my mind.

The cancer is in my lung, liver, spine and lymph nodes, which has spread fast as all the tests from July of 2012 showed no sign of the cancer. I know this is a very aggressive form of cancer with low survival rate, but as a mother of 3 and grandmother of 3, I refuse to give up. And I am 49 years old. Or should I say young?

My first round of chemo went ok. Tests before the second round showed some improvement in the blood tests and the liver scan. I am going back for my third round of chemo shortly and can only pray that there is even more improvement.

If there is anyone else with this diagnosis, please let me know how you are doing and treatment plan you are following. Mine is strictly chemo and nutritional supplements at this time. I was told that they will only do 4-6 rounds of chemo and then stop because after that, studies show it is not effective anymore.

My motto is to stay strong and have hope. One day at a time.

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Extensive Small Cell is usually treated with 4-6 rounds of cisplatin and etoposide but in some cases the cisplatin is substituted for carboplatin.

There are tons of great people at this site who can help answer your questions. You may also want to check out the Inspire forums as they have a very active section dedicated to just extensive small cell at


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I really appreciate the response.

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yes if you get on websites it is low survival rates.hIS ONC told him 2 yrs 50percent,5yrs20percent.why don't people think positive if it gets to 5 percent for cure YOU MAY BE IN THAT 5 PERCENT>put it in Gods hands and follow what God puts in your heart.

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