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I have osteomyelitis in my lower left jaw, and so now am on IV clindamycin 3 times a day for perhaps 6 weeks. Does anyone else in the group have any experience with it? A bit of Internet research is pretty horrifying.


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I have experience with this drug, not as a cancer patient but for an infection. I am highly allergic to it, have to stay away from this.
Hopefully you will do fine with it.

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Since my chemotherapy my teeth have been a regular issue. I have had two root canals and two crowns in the last year. One of my teeth, that had to have a root canal, became abscessed and my dentist prescribed Clindamycin. Normally antibiotics cause stomach issues for me and I was concerned about taking the Clindamycin. However, I had no digestive issues with Clindamycin and it cleared up the infection very nicely.

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When I started Erbitux, Clindamycin in cream form was Rx'd for the face acne. Worked, no bad side effects.

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Hey Jerry,

I had osteomyelitis two years ago! It was in my upper jaw and took a while to diagnose. I had severe headaches, sometimes I had to take hot shower in a middle of a night just to relax my muscles and reduce pain. Doctors thought that I had migraines and gave me some pain medication. It was not until I went to a dentist check up that he discovered that there might have been an infection in the bone. I had a root canal and a crown about a year prior to that, perhaps during the root canal procedure i got an infection. The infection literately destroyed bone marrow and part of a bone in my jaw causing severe headaches.

The dentist had to remove the tooth with the crown and applied antibiotic directly through the root canal. I had several treatments of antibiotics and then graft placement to replace the segment of the bone that was removed. It took about 5 months to treat and then place an implant. But now, I am practically new, chewing and smiling as if nothing ever happened! The only thing that sucked was that the procedure was classified as dental, and I could not apply my general medical insurance, only dental one that covered only 2 thousand a year. So, I had to pay the rest from my pocket.

I am not familiar with the drug you mentioned. It might or might not have been used in my case.


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I was on IV Clindamycin, for a bit until it was discovered I'm not "homebound" so the insurance won't pay for a home IV. Back on pills, let's hope it works. I can taste it, (a kind of nasty metallic taste) and I have a 12 day course. So away we go again.


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