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What is a fleck of calcification on kidney?

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Oh boy.. never mind that mom has rcc.. I got my scan and i have a fleck of calcification on my right kidney. Does anyone know what that is? Here we go again. :(

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Angela, others may disagree with me and may have helpful information for you but my take on this is that you should ask your doctors for more information. Do you have the beginnings of CKD (chronic kidney disease)? I think you should ask whether your medical advisers think it's something to take action on.

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Thanks TW.. i hear what you are saying. I spoke to two doctors today and they think i am most probably developing a stone. I don't know how they can be sure or tell. I have to rescan and keep a watch on it. So far my creatine level is 0.5 and they say that is good??? But that test was from December. Next week i go in for more tests. UGH the stress never ends. But i have to tell you this. When i found out there was something on my kidney my nervs were just shot and i couldn't think straight and was so scared. Now i my heart really goes out to those with these issues such as on these boards. The fear is unimaginable and now i know how my poor mom must feel.. so scared. I must remember to give her a big hug when i see her.

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If neither of the docs you saw were a nephrologist my advice would be to seek one out, get an expert opinion whenever possible.

Good luck,


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Thanks Gary, will do. Still trying to find one for mom.

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I see why you would have had a scan...to check after mom's Dx. Could it be just the formation of a kidney stone?
At age 29, my son had kidney stones, too large to pass, and too severe to await the arrival of the lithotrypsy machine, so had to have surgery to remove them. They would have started out a tiny flecks.
I'm not trying to be an alarmist, but just engage the Dr. in following up.

And me, I'm 6 years since my original RCC Stage IV Dx, 4 years since the most recent surgery for mets to another node, and 1 month from my most recent CT and set of tests.

Good Luck to you and Mom.

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