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colonoscopy thru ostomy

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I am having a colonoscopy thru my stoma. Has anyone had this done. Just would like to know what to expect. Just started the prep, i dont know what to expect from that either. Any suggestions.

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so fast that one second I'm talking to the gastro and the next I'm asking this woman I'd never seen before what she was doing tampering with the IV stuff and she said "don't you want to get out of here?".Never knew it was over already!!!!...Being that the scope isn't going in your anus,the colonoscopy gets done alot quicker-assuming no complications....i was afraid to do mine as it would be first time anything went into my stoma the opposite way so I asked surgeon who created it to recommend gastro with the experience to scope it.....Hope all is clear......steve

What type of prep you doing? Mine involved the night before and four hours before in the morning, much easier than all the night before

PS: if you're going to be emptying out your bag as it fills, make sure you lay some toilet paper across the water in the bowl to prevent messy bounce-up/splatter.....

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Good morning... I had my first one done just a couple of weeks ago. You are knocked out so you don't feel anything. Afterwards, I did feel alittle tender there but not pain or anything and that only last a short amount of time that day. As for the prep, it was almost easier with the bag. I use a closed end bag and so I just kept changing the bag as it filled but at least I didn't have to do a mad dash to the restroom. Good luck!

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I just had my second a few weeks ago. I think the prep is easier than before. Three bottles of magnizium citrate and in 6 hours I'm empty. I used a Drainable bag and just kept dumping as it filled. I obviously had to stay home. The procedure itself was no problem and my surgeon did it for the second time as I trust no one else at this time. My gastro missed my cancer when doing the original scope at age 51... 8 months later I was diagnosed w/ stage 3. After the surgery pathology said stage 1. I'm still a little confused by that?? It's an easy procedure you have nothing to worry about.
Good Luck, Tom

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