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constant pain in rectum

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It hasn't been a good week for me with my last treatment and trying to over it and constant pain in the rectum. I usually feel better by Monday when I get my treatment. This time I had nothing no energy appetite strength just laid in bed. I had a Dr appte Monday afternoon but called and canceled then called my wife to tell her but for some reason was so emotional which isn't like me normally. But I had been in so much constant pain in the butt. My wife came home from work and said I looked horrible so off we go to er. That is such torture when you feel so weak. Long story short was dehydrated so the got fluids in me and after a few hours we're home. They really didn't address my pain but that was ok because I knew I had another Dr appetite today. So today what I thought was just really bad hemorrhoids wasn't. The Dr thinks after the painful exam what is causing the pain is the mass in the rectum might be scaring and the nerves are entwined in it. So fix it. Easier said than done. Will research and talk to onc.I never had surgery since dd stage 4 met to liver and lungs in 09. Sorry for this long message but has any one else has this pain and what did you do to get rid of it. Regular pain killers don't seem to do much. Sitting in a hot bath helps for awhile. Pray everyone is hanging in there. Jeff

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Hi Jeff,

Just read in your post. In 2009 I was dignosed with colorectal ca stage 3, had surgery on march 09. had an ilestomy bag for a year, feeding tube for about 3 to 4 months. Had a reversal done. went in june of last year for another scope and they perforated my bowel. so i had to have emeregenct surgery but they had to call my oldest daugther to get permission to take me into emgerency surgery to fix. If I had to due it again I would of told her then to have them put the bag. after surgery into took me awhile to start passing gas etc. Now the other day I was back in the ER thought it was due to the stent in my right ureter but when they did the CT scan it showed being consitpation. which i feel I cant tell because i think I am going normal. I have talked to my drs about going back into surgery to get my bag back. They also said I have alot of scar tissue etc from the radiation and surgeries. I also have to take bath at times because it helps my bottom.

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Are you happy with your current doctor? I can't believe he let you leave the appointment without something for the pain and some kind of plan.

You say you have never had surgery. Is it a possibility?

Hope that you can find a doc who will help you with not only the pain but also with some long term solutions.


Marie who loves kitties

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nice to meet you.sorry i can not help as i dont have pain in that area but i do have alot of scar tissue from radiation in 2008.if my stools get to loose i have no control over it.do you also have that problem.hope you get your pain resolved....Godbless...johnnybegood

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Jeff, there is a product called Alan-Pram, I believe it's called...it's a prescription cream that can help soothe. There is an OTC called Anusol that's pretty good too.

A hot bath for whatever reason sure does calm the pain - which I've always found ironic since you hurt bad and then sit in hot water...doesn't make sense, but it does help. I remember those days after my rectal resection and subsequent hemi-surgery that followed.


Anyway, perhaps these might be of benefit...there is another type of ointment as well, but just can't recall the name right off hand...if I remember it, I'll let you know.

The whole rectal area is just full of nerve endings and such down there...that network of wires down there are really entwined and can make your life just miserable. I'm sorry you are hurting...I did like you...I soaked when it was bad and creamed.

Another thing you might try is go to a medical supply store and purchase a good foam donut to sit on...you'd be amazed at how much pressure that relieves...we take sitting and things like that for granted, but it's amazing how much pressure we exert by sitting on the whole anal/rectal area. This might help alleviate some of that as well.


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