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CT scans tommorow

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Hi Friends,
My first ct scan since diagnosis is tommorow. It has been a tough year! I am so scared!! PLEASE help me through this...


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TESSA, YOU ARE NOT ALONE., I do believe most of us suffer from scans-iety.
The waiting is always hard. But hopefully, the results will be wonderful. We will pray for that. Keep us posted, keep ypur head up, you have friends here.

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Yeah, what Judy said:)

Best of luck!


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Hey, Tessa.

I just had a CT scan yesterday, and I so understand the anxiety. Praying you get FABULOUS results!


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Sending you my best wishes for a clear scan tomorrow.
All my best,

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I'm not sure if it gets any easier either, but it is what it is, and we all have each other. Please post your results when you get them :)

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thanks for your post. I hear you loud and clear.

my first CT scan was 8 weeks ago... i asked my doctor if he saw good news, to call my cell phone that night. And, if he didn't see good news... don't call me and i'll assume that you never saw the report. He laughed, but he followed through.

after 8 weeks of chemo and the CT scan, he called me that evening and told me that the treatments ARE working and no new cancer, and all cancer had reduced.
I was so excited and the excitement lasted quite awhile.

your timing is amazing, as my next CT scan is this Thursday.
and, i have to say... i have been very anxious and nervous all week.
had my 16th round of chemo today... and cried thinking about the CT scan and the hopeful results this week.

I'm praying for you and for all who are suffering from scans-iety. (Love that)

good luck tomorrow.

my best


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I know how you feel with the anxiety all this cancer brings. I'm praying your scans are good. Jeff

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Had a scan 2 weeks ago. The waiting is the worst part. I probobly have had about 30 scans. Telling myself over and over again that it will come back clear helps but doesnt make the anxiety go completely away.

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I want to wish you positive thoughts and energy for your scan tomorrow. I told my oncologist that I am so afraid before scans, blood work, etc. and she said that is normal. She assured me that everyone fears the scans and blood work tests, but if it starts to interfere with your daily living (24 hour a day anxiety) than that is not normal. I guess, at this point, I fit someplace in between both of these pictures, so I consider myself normal (whatever that is after a cancer diagnosis) Ha Ha. Blessings to you from Minnesota!


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how did things go for your CT?

any results yet?


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Hi Joe and everyone...
scans show no evidence of disease. Cea is at 1.2, It is indeed a happy day. My oncologist gave me a 5 minute hug as I cried in his arms... Very emotional day.

Thank you all for your support. I love my cyber family!!!!!!!


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Thank you for sharing your wonderful news!

Does the heart good to hear it.

You have a good doc...lots don't give you 5 minutes at all, much less for a hug.

Marie who loves kitties

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congrats on your awesome news.
I am so happy for you.

God has blessed you with a great day and a great weekend to celebrate.
enjoy every moment.

and, may we all join you as NED one day soon.

so cool to have your oncologist give such a hug and for him/her to share in your excitement. But, from his/her point of view... they are proud of their own work and also proud to have you alive and NED!

words cannot express how happy we all are for you.

my best to you and yours as you celebrate this week


P.S. I have my scan today... i'm 2/3rd into my treatment cycle (16 weeks down, 8 to go) and hopeful for improvement as I enter the CT Scanner today and hope for good news as soon as the docs read the scans and compare to my original scan in November 2011 and my last scan some 8 weeks ago. I'm so nervous and anxious for today. I need prayers to try and be calm and not to worry too much. thanks!


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I just finished by 18 month post Folfox and I really prayed for a good report. Scan OK, CEA up slightly but OK so....Now I will pray you also have a good report. Prayers for you.


Tessa, Happy to hear the good news. Enjoy your good health. Prayers for continued good health.

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prayers and hugs!

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Cathleen Mary
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We all celebrate with you! Savor NED!

Cathleen Mary

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