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I was wondering if anyone has been treated with Regorafenib or knows any medical center that is doing a clinical trial with it.

My mom has stage IV colon cancer and she is no longer a candidate for surgery or traditional chemo. They said that FDA approval for Regorafenib may be at least the end of May and that might be too late. Any suggestions on treatment or outlook?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated...

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Hi David-Sorry to hear about you mother-I found this post on a different forum and thought it might help some:

I found this from a previous post I had made about my trip to MD Anderson

SoConfused wrote:
Karmel - the drug is called sorafenib and used to treat advanced renal cell carcinoma and unresectable hepatocellular carcinoma ... perhaps, it's used, off-label, to treat unresectable CRC liver tumors? I am curious to learn more about this so I'll do some digging.

Yep, I have unresectable liver and lung tumors. The MDA doc says sorafenib differs from regorafenib by a single flourine molecule. However, that simple change makes it a distinctive entity and the company that makes regorafenib has proprietary interests which resulted in regorafanib being the drug that just wnet thru all the phase 3 trials and showed benefit for stage IV's who failed all the conventional treatments ( like me ) So the sorafenib would be just like regorafenib, I believe.Be still, my soul: the Lord is on thy side.
Stage IV, April 2009.
Treatments...multiple .

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thanks so much, Karmel.
have you suggested this as a line of treatment for yourself by chance? i'm going to ask my mom's oncologist about this too. hopefully this can be an option for us too...

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I suggest you watch this Webinar. There is information towards the end in the Q&A section on how to go about getting compassionate care or clinical trial info.

Free Webinar on Upcoming Drugs for CRC

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