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for the newbies

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First off, sorry that you have to be here... but know that we are all praying for you and will be here to support you and give you whatever tips we can to make your journey easier.

One thing I definitely learned today is that when going thru the radiation and the chemo, both the butthole and the vaginal entrance will shrink and tighten... Ask the gyno for a dilator and also whether or not it is safe to have sex... I learned today that the docs prefer that you do, so that the vagina doesn't close up ... The doc needs to get in there to do pap smears, etc. The docs don't always mention this... and since I am 2 years clear, I am lucky to not have closed up as what could have happened, and what has happened to others in the past. I was given the dilator about a year ago, but not told what to do, nor the correct procedures, nor whether my hubby and I could enjoy each other.... Today, I saw a different gyno and she gave me all the info that I needed.... and was very in tune to my questions and my concerns. It is something that we don't think is a priority while going thru the treatments, but it can be a major concern if unaddressed.

Just thought I would mention it.

Keep up the laughter... and the nutrition...God bless.

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My husband thanks you! :)

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