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Breakouts on my head.

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So, I started losing my hair a while ago. It's not completely gone but definitely thinned out dramatically particularly towards the front of my head. I ended up getting it shaved. The lady at the salon used the second to shortest setting. I had maybe 1 or 2 pimples on my scalp when I had it shaved, but now there are a ton everywhere. Is this a side effect of the chemo or am I just touching my head too much?

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I had a bunch of breakouts too right after I shaved my head. Lasted a couple of weeks then I didn't have anymore. I don't think it's a side effect of the chemo as the same thing happened to my mom when she shaved her head with me. I think it is because you don't have any hair to absorb the oils on your head and it takes a couple of weeks for your head to adjust and stop producing so much oil.

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when my girl shaved my head I had already started with a huge breakout. She said it was from stress. So after she shaved it, I got one of those Neutrogena clear soap bars and I was my whole head and face with that now. It seemed to calm things down. If you wear hats, caps or a wig I think that causes things to flare up too. Hope this helps

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When I went thru chemo I also had breakouts/ acne really bad. I never had it when I was growing up so I asked my Doctoe and she said it was from my hormones being crazy since I had a a full premenopausal hysterectomy. I used to cal my self pimple head. But i finished chemo and it went away. No more acne. So it will pass.

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I used to get them too. The oncologist said it was folliculitis. That the hair was trying to grow in but the chemo kept killing the roots, hence the pimple like things. He told me to use some gentle cleansers for acne. The hardest part for me was keeping my hands off my scalp. It itched like no tomorrow.

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