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Week two and Three

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Had my first treatment almost two weeks ago. I know everyone is different so am wondering how you felt during week two and three. Week two has been kind of rough with bowel and stomach problems.. My husband thinks that I should be up and dancing in week three but I do not see that happening. Tell me about your week two and three.. THanks

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Hi there. I was still tired . However I was also a little dehydrated. I will start my 5 th round of chemo tomorrow. Now chemo nurses leave my port accessed and home health provides me iv bags mixed with zoforan. I give myself 1 bag per day for 3 days following chemo. Helps me tremendously! Hang in there. Only you know how you feel. God bless and have a good nt.

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took time ,on carbo/taxol...then stated feeling better second week. My appetite came back but I still was very tired.I was told to rest a lot and drink plenty of fliuds. My third week I notised my feet were getting numb and to this day they still are,,val

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I am 4 weeks out from my last treatment and I am still not up to snuff. I was tired between treatments. Not sick, in weeks 2 and 3, like week 1, but always tired. I am still finding myself quite tired even though I am a month from my last treatment. I went to a ladies retreat with my church over the weekend and I am exhausted. That nearly did me in.

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I had six treatments of carbo/taxol every three weeks. I usually had mine on Thursdays and I was pretty much wiped out with bone-chilling fatigue until at least the following Tuesday or so. During those same few days I had absolutely no appetite, had achy leg muscles, and had to dealing with our constant companion called constipation. It was such a chore trying to force myself to eat and drink fluids those first few days. I was lucky though to have no nausea. By the end of the first week, I was usually feeling pretty good, with a lot of my appetite back and feeling only somewhat tired. By the time the next treatment rolled around, I was doing pretty darn good.

Hang in there. You can do it!


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My story was pretty much the same as Kelly's. I had chemo on Mondays and was knocked out for the week with fatigue, no strength in my legs, loss of appetite, no vomiting, but my stomach just hurt. By the end of the week on Saturday and Sunday, I was starting to feel better and would go back to work for weeks 2 and 3. I was faithful to take Vit D, B complex, calcium, multi vitamen, and glutamine during the several months I underwent treatment and I think that helped. The constipation was probably one of the worst things to deal with and I lived on Senna Plus for months. Just listen to what your body is telling you, and if you need to rest...then by all means rest! Chemo is a tough ordeal, but be encouraged, you will get through it. A positive attitude makes a huge difference in your recovery.

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The first 2 days after chemo were good., but then after that it went downhill could not motivate hardly at all, nausea feeling, nasty taste in mouth, couldn't eat or drink for the 2 weeks after chemo, and the third week the first few days I would start getting a little bit of my strength back and then my appetite would start getting better. Got dehydrated quite a few times, wish they would have left my port hooked up so I could have had a nurse come to the house and given me fluid, would have been better then going to hospital each time. Constipation a problem too, started on miralax which helped then took senocot and then went to dulcolax which helped me the most. Good luck and do what you have to to get better, don't know if anyone else had this problem but the roof of my mouth would shrivel up too. Seems like I would get better just in time to go for the next treatment

Hugs and Prayers

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None it posted twice trying to delete one

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no, no and no. You must give yourself time. You won't be up and dancing for a while and he needs to be patient with that. The caregivers just want us to be better. But week two is when m fatigue hits. As I say it could drop an ox. Week one, sick and leg pain, then week two not so sick but tired. I do by week two get out some, go for walks, a light trip to the grocery. Mainly because I know the next treatment will be here before I know it. TIP: Not sure if this is what helped me, but the week before the second treatment I LOADED up on protein,juices high in vitamins, and greens. For some reason the second treatment I only had one day of nausea. I still had the leg pain. Maybe that will help you before your next treatment too. I am going to try that again for treatment three

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Hi Hon, I agree that our caregivers want so much to see us feel better and they are used to us bouncing back after colds, flu etc. Chemo fatique is not like that. I find that each infusion hits me differently and that I have to listen to my body give it all the rest it's asking for. I can give you a few tips on how to enjoy week three a little more. Save your energy for doing some fun things by letting others do the driving whenever possible. Plan your outings for short time periods and come home when you first start feeling tired. Go to stores, etc. during off peak times. I think of the week before my next infusion as a time to bolster my body and mind before the next onslaught. You'll be able to take out those dancing shoes at a later time, for now they can look cute in your closet.
(((HUGS))) Maria

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Thanks you all for your comments. Actually week three turned out very well for me. I felt human again and wanted to eat everything in sight. Now it is back to week one but was good to have some time off. I did loose my hair after only one sesssion of chemo. My hair is very fine and it is all over my house..Thanks again. Glad that this board is here.

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