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mabey i will go home today

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i have my fingers crossed, first i was constipated now low red blood cells ,but,the doctor said after i get the red blood cells mabey i could go home today. I hope so these beds hurt my back and i always miss my daughter. blessings denise

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Hi sweetie,
I hope you get to go home today to! There's no place like home to rest and feel comfortable. Let us know if you do! Love ya...Sue

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I hope get to go home today, Denise.

We need more riddles too ;).



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Hi Denise,
I really do hope you get to go home today or soon enough! There is nothing like being in your own bed and resting without having the nurses or medical staff bothering you every 20 min. Even though they're taking care of you but still you can't rest. Take care sweet lady, will keep you in my prayers!


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Nothing like being home !!!!!! John

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