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doing another vegan cancer retreat at misty mountains

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checkout www.mmh.com.au

its been a few days, i finished my 2 weeks on the beach front camping and have ended up here.
so far the steam baths, whole body wrap and the juices

great reference library, friendly staff, lots of exercise walking .

doing my first gall bladder purge.

just another way to fight cancer.


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How is a gall bladder purge performed? What does it aim to do?

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Pete, post a link, not a blow-by-blow please...
I hope it's not done in the ocean, fish ingest the water!

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My idea Phill
I was already leary about the coffee enema's in the open sea, I eat a lot of fish.
I think I stick with my regiem.

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And I thought fish didn't sleep for other reasons :-)

Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the ocean...

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I still feel bad for the sharks... :-D

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I'm feeling bad for Pete's purged gall bladder, poor thing (the gall bladder)all happy and snug in the body and then all of a sudden SWHOOSH (Just like the Nike emblem) it's purged.
LOL,,okay, it's late, haven't had a lot of sleep lately and it's a JOKE people!!! I'm just feeling sympathetic towards every thing, even Pete's unsuspecting gall bladder.
Winter Marie

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Not only plain Google, but Google Images....and yow!
Our bodies are certainly amazing.
Good luck Pete~

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that Misty Mountains get away looks amazing!!!!


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my gall bladder taken out when i had liver surgery.no purgering for me.good luck pete hope all goes well....Godbless...johnnybegood

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I did a gall bladder surge. It is called a right hepatic lobectomy. That is when they take a knife and purge the entire gall bladder from my body along with the majority of my liver. Good stuff. LOL.

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My First morning midstream pee today is 6.5, yesterday lunchtime pee was 8.5 just after bicarb soda wrap.
Doing wraps and cloonies everyday.

Learnt heaps here, Barbara the Naturopath/nutritionist is inspiring.

Yes going as hardcore vegan, hippie as I can. I miss the kids and wife but life is busy and healthy.
The kids and I visited here Saturday, they know what dad is up to, my son wanted to stay, my daughter wanted to go Home to mum. We had fun swimming in the chilli creek and skimming stones.

Here with wife's blessing, she met Barbara a year ago, she has the kids and the business and the house. It's a bit off a trial of life without dad around except I talk to them daily. My super Bush phone works all around the property.

Wanting to stay on as a volunteer here.

The gal flush involved having colon tea 30min before sleep.

Then drinking half cup of lemon juice and olive oil mixed before sleep. Not to bad tasting.

No pain overnight, good sleep and had to lay on right side.

Also had a codliver oil Poltice on overnight.

Yesterday did First colonic, been doing my enemas but colonic is better, different, got to do post gal flush enema now.
Before 6.30am juice and big walk. The walk is through mountain and streams. I carry 2 15 kg dumbbells.

Been on juice fast 2 Days, solid food for breaky in a few hours.

Praying and meditating my Sox off this works, and for all of us.

That all of our treatments help.

Also did a feet Poltice of olive oil and cayenne pepper wrapped glad wrap then Sox. Washed off next morning. My feet are almost normal. Supposed to get the blood flowing to the nerves in your feet. Mine felt a little better. Something different for neuropathy. Who knows these treatments may help, so far I feel great heaps of energy, got some sun rays yesterday, need that vote naturally.

None of this is medical advice, please don't ask your onc about this, they wil get stressed and have a fit. They may up your meds or send you to the funny farm. If you do go to a funny farm I hope it's as funny as this health retreat, the jokes dont stop flowing just like the creek.


Ps no sharks in the chilly mountain stream here, I would not dream of sending any logs down the creek. It the water supply for many farms, we are an hour out of town over dirt roads. The crocodiles did look worried. Alas!

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Joined: Nov 2010

first pee sample at doctor yesterday was fantastic, no dysbosis and liver functions this basic test checks were all good. actually perfect and this is the best result so far since testing started. so some good news about my general digestion.

my doctor suspects some lost muscle as he says its hard to keep protien going. now i am doing another 24 hour test for heaps of vitamins, minerals etc etc etc and of course cea.

of to do the test and see how 4 weeks of vegan, no iv vitamin c and minimal supplements is going.

some amazing science behind what we have been trying, look at my messy blog.

basically the 4 weeks has been an sulphoranane , glisodin vegan experiment with a good supply of b17.

actually am mindly interested in the cea, but i have a kind of detached interested as if i am just a real life science experiment.

i think meditation is the key to my happiness at present and can recommend it, at least for a try.

i suspect its where my will power comes from, being kind to our frontal cortex, the seat of reason, learning and will power is a top priority for me. how a vegan diet does this i find intruiging. i just wish it could help me with my spelling.


ps life goes on, while doing these tests, we are then off to hospital to visit my father in law who is about to pass away due to old age, poor heart and some cancers. he wants no treatments, just peace, i regret he has ended up in hospital against his wishes, he feeds the birds in his garden, that where he wants to be. its confronting dealing with his decline, i have thought how this could apply to me, some day along long way away, but i will leave that up to god.

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