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gums rough like sandpaper

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Was wondering, i've been brushing and rinsing lots since last rad treatment thursday, like three times a day (ok that lots for me I used to only brush at night)but have found that my gums feel really rough (like sandpaper). Is this a by-product of the radiation treatment? I thought it was my tongue the first couple days, but now that i've been brushing like I should have been doing all my life (not like i've got bad teeth or anything) my teeth are smooth as glass and my gums are rough, where as the gums have always been smooth. If it was the rads that caused it, will my gums go back to normal? or are they always gonna be rough now?

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I really don't know specifically about the gums but we do know generally that rads cause changes to just about everything so I wouldn't be surprised. My gums seem be be fine but I am concerned about de-mineralization of my teeth due the changes in my saliva and pH.

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Tonsil Dad
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My gums and the insides of my cheeks are really rough, I also brush and do more
Dental hygene than I did so I put it down to the radiation as I finished rads a week
Ago. Hopefully this is just temporary and will go with time.

God bless
Tonsil Dad,


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I had the similar thing happen to me after my final treatments. I was informed that the DNA in the radiated areas change. We have to be a little more gentle in our brushing. My cancer Dentist told me that I was brushing to long and vigorously causing issues with my gums.

I was told to use a soft toothbrush that can be used on young children. This is for the recovery time and we can get back to the soft adult brush as time goes on. I sometimes forget and apply too much pressure on the brush as I clean my teeth, resulting in sore gums. If you have no saliva at this time, that also causes the gums to be rough.

My Best to You and Everyone Here

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