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What's up with Jerry...

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Got a note from William wondering what's going on with me. Well, okay, since you ask...
I'm back teaching three classes in Electrical Technology at Big Bend here in Moses Lake. SO that part is working out well. I teach a half day on Wednesday, so after class, I hie on over to the Clinic (every other week) for my infusion and pump hookup. I teach 6 hours on Thursday, and don't feel too bad. Friday I start my downhill crash, but by Sunday evening I'm semigood. So Monday, a three hour day, I can handle it.

The students are lovely and loving, and when my brain falls out of my head, they understand and are supportive.

Bad stuff... I have an infection in my lower left jaw that WILL NOT GO AWAY. The dentist proscribed a 10 day course 3 different stinking times, and it wouldn't touch it. (Twice amoxicillin and once Kelflex). So they sent me to an oral surgeon who said, "You need to be on strong IV antibiotics." A back and forth with my PCP and the Oncological group was basically pathetic, and they fiddled around for another 9 days. I went back to the oral surgeon who said, "If all else fails, go to the emergency room at your local hospital. But get it done TODAY. You are being poisoned, and the infection can kill you before the cancer has a chance!"

So that's what I ended up doing, and so I got started with a huge bolus of very strong antibiotics, and then a 5 day course of superstrong oral antibiotics (Levaquin... Serious stuff).

So now I will see by Wednesday if the infection goes down. And now, it is almost 10 on Sunday, I teach tomorrow, so I'm going to bed. Hope it works better than last night. Horrible insomnia (very unusual for me) and I didn't get to sleep until 4 AM. Pfui!


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Wow! Jerry! How dreadful! I do hope and pray the antibiotics will work as prescribed. You are such a troops and such a joy! You take care and keep us informed.

Of course - you and everyone on the site are ever in my prayers!

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...about that infection but luckily the oral surgeon gave you useful information to get you the treatment that you needed. Thanks to William for asking you to update us. I was thinking about you so I appreciate the update. I'm glad your treatment schedule works for your teaching schedule. That's wonderful and allows you to get on with your life! I just hope you are able to get the rest you need. Insomnia is awful too, so maybe once the infection goes away your sleep pattern will normalize.

Keep us posted on how that infection is doing!


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I love the way you approach things head on. You aren't allowing EC to control your life and that's wonderful! Glad you have been able to make your teaching schedule work with the treatment. How fortunate to have good students too!

Hope the latest round of antibiotics kicks the infection. Sounds like a real bother - and likely quite painful.

Keep your head up! Love and {hugs},


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Saw an Eye-Ear-Nose-Throat Doctor today. He's pretty upset with the Oral Surgeon because the OS would not specify a course of treatment, but was rather random in his communications with my doctors up here. I have what is called a "dry socket" infection, which could lead to osteomyelitis. Not a good thing. So anyway, my oncology group has got a setup where I will be treated with IV antibiotics, and I'm meeting with a hyperbaric oxygen group in Spokane, which may double the effectiveness of the treatment.

Other than THIS stupid thing, I'm feeling pretty good. Went out with my wife to Denny's and had their Cowboy Chopped Steak and ate 90% of it. Truly amazing. Sunday night my dearly beloved fixed pot roast with potatoes, carrots and onions, and it was very delicious.

So that part is doing quite well. I have dropped from 220 to 218, but I don't think that's a major concern.

Later, my friends.


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Hi. The time stated 1:30 a.m. Is that correct? If so, you must still be having trouble with insomia. It is rough. I haven't had this happen often, so I am lucky.
So glad you are able to work and your students are so supportive. I do remember well the memory lapses when taking chemo.
Praying the problems with your mouth will be ok soon,

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Yeah, the last week or so has been rather unfun for insomnia. Or maybe fun for insomnia but not for me. I went to bed about 10:30, tossed for about 1/2 hour, fell asleep and had a nightmare (first in YEARS), fell back asleep, had three more mostly work related dreams, woke up with my sore jaw, took 3 ibuprofen, and while waiting for it to kick in, came in here to see what's up. And according to my clock, it's 3:53AM.

By the way, I have never had insomnia before...


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