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Husband Newly Diagnosed

joann p
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Hi all,
My husband, in 2010 had left sided colon cancer, had surgery for same, it was an adneocarcinoma and all the path reports came back negitive. Out oncologist sent his tissue sample out and the Oxytype said that the chance of reoccurence wa 17%. In 2011, he was diagnosed with Prostate CA, had 44 rounds of radiation. PSA level went down. Last week, April 11th, he went for a follow up colonoscpy and was told yet again, he had cancer, but in the cecum. The path report was Neuroendocrine Cancer, small cell, poorly differential. He had a resect last week, removed 2 nodes on his liver. Our surgeon told us that it is in the liver and lymp nodes. I haven't seen the full path report yet. We have had it sent to out oncologist for review. Has anyone elese had this same issue!!!!! Needless to say, I am devestated. he has no symptom's,never did....all input would be greatly appreciated!!!! God Bless you all!!!

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