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Any One Know Of A Good Place To Get PET Scans In NYC?

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This is extremely random but not sure where else to put it. I've been less than impressed with the Lenox Hill Radiology (in NYC) in terms of getting the scans than I need. Seems like they purposely try to make you as uncomfortable as possible. I just got through treatment for Hodkins Lymphoma and am trying to find a decent place to get PET scans on a going forward basis. I've talked to my doctors - but they don't understand (probably because they've never actually had to go through this): I want to be treated as a human being rather than a test subject.

Anyways, if anyone knows a good place, please respond.

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Hi Jeb,

I'm not familiar with your area, but my PET scans are done at the hospital not at an imaging clinic. Try checking with your local hospital for other scan locations. There are a few options if you Google search depending where your exact location is.


Good Luck!

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