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Having a sappy evening....

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but it was such a glorious, wonderful day.

My PEG tube lightened up it's need to torture me in the afternoon (what a difference a few hours make)...It was sunny and warm for here (some sun and 60 degrees), the grass is greening up, some of the trees are starting to bud out, the air smelled like spring!

Home Health stopped in (I guess my Oncologist prescripted them), and showed me how to work my PEG...well, clean it around it, and turn it...so I'm not scared of the darn thing anymore. Checked out all my meds, and my living situation...BUT, once she'd gone I had a whole day of no Dr.'s, no runs to any clinics, or hospitals....just hubby, myself, the dogs and horses. Even went shopping for a recliner for me :). Found just what I liked and brought it home. Neighbors came over and helped hubby get it into the house, then sat around and chatted for a long time...so normal.

After we got home, Vickie (my twin sister) showed up with shrimp salad and homemade noodles and chicken....then my little sister showed up with homemade vegetable beef soup, and broasted chicken and veggies....AND her massauge table and oil. We sat that up in the living room and she gave me a head to toe massauge....WONDERFULlY relaxing. So tonight I have my attitude adjustment, my body is limp, I'm over fed...and I'm so glad I have two free days before I have to see anyone medical. Chemo and rads start on Tues. I'm actually looking forward to getting this started, after all the postponing, I'm ready!!...

I have great neighbors, the two best sisters a person could have, a wonderful husband, and great, supportive friends on here...I'm so very, very lucky...

Life is GOOD! :)


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Not being in constant pain makes a world of difference? Reminds me of being in boot camp and just waiting for Sundays, one hour on Sunday, that one precious hour where everyone found some God to pray to, just to have an hour of peace away from the Drill Sgt.. Enjoy 2 days away from treatment. You've got great family support, I think you are going to do well. You did scare the hell out of everyone with the lung thing. Blissful sleep and restful days off.

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Rest well Phrannnie,
A good support team will make all the difference in your recovery! Its nice to know
you will be well taken care of...thank them for me too!

Stay Positive


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Pam M
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I'm with you - when I finally had a plan, I wanted to get the show on the road. Sounds like you're doing some great prep.

Very glad you had home health in. Many of us on this site wished we would have had more info/support when it came to the feeding tubes.

Have a fabulous couple days, getting ready to start treatment. Do well.

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Hi Phrannie, What a wonderful support team you have! That, along with your positive attitude - I know you will kick butt on Tuesday! You go girl!
My thoughts and prayers will be with you along your fight!
Love & Prayers, Patty

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Soooo, you can send those sisters..and especially the one with the massage table to my house anytime, LOL....

Congrats on feeling better, and the huge support team.

You should have a good recovery with a team like that behind you.


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Hey phrannie - just wanted to wish you good luck for today. I look a little like Frankenstein in the neck area today, but I am over the first hurdle and have started my fight against this thing just like you will be soon.

I am sure today will be hard going for you, but you will get through it and take the first difficult but meaningful steps on the road to recovery. You will be in my thoughts today, and I know you are ready for the fight.

All the best


Mrs. Sarge
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Thinking about you Phrannie and Leo. You've been a bright spot of inspiration while I wait "my turn", May 7th!! All the best to you both!!

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Tonsil Dad
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I thought I had good friends and family after what they did for me at the weekend
But none of them gave me a massage like you got....lol.
I guess we are both blessed with good people around us.

Thoughts and prayers for you as you head towards you treatment, and a speedy recovery.

Also prayers going out to Mrs Sarge and Leo for their upcoming treatments.



God Bless each and everyone of you.

Tonsil Dad,


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I know you can't apperciate this right now but just remember that every day of treatment is one less day till you have the beast out of you.

Support group plus postitive attitude = easier trip through treatment

Mrs. Sarge
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Joined: Apr 2012

Thanks so much, Dan and all!

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Leo, great to hear that everything went well yesterday! Today is Phrannie-day, I'm cheering!! Tomorrow it'll be my turn with IMRT #1. Happy happy joy joy.

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Everything went well...I'm sleepy but that's about it. The rads happened mid chemo, and I was still so sleepy then, that the mask didn't bother me one bit...came back and started the rest of the chemo, and should be outta here in 15 minutes. Don't have to do this again (all day at oncology for 3 more weeks), tho I do have to be here for an amifostine drip every day before rads.....still it's less than an 8 hour work day.

And then on to "ooo day!"....Our bus is finally moving!!


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you made it thru the day, Im so glad the bus is moving for you. God Bless ya P51

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Today is your day and I'm so glad it went well. The train is a runnin' now!

Hope you get through the rest w/o any trouble.


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WOW!!! What a great support of family and friends. You are blessed. Hope you are feeling better. Take advantage of your new recliner and get some rest.

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Ingrid K
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Glad all went well on Day One... tired is normal, so you're doing great !!

Ingrid K's picture
Ingrid K
Posts: 813
Joined: Mar 2011

ooo, good luck to you as you start your journey. We are all cheering you on.

Mrs. Sarge
Posts: 206
Joined: Apr 2012

Start marking off the days, phrannie!! You're going! I don't know about you but the unknown is fearful....now you've faced the "beast" and the "cure"......I know you're glad to be started. I'm still waiting but lots to look forward to and then get on that bus with you!!!

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