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Colonoscopy ?

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it's been 3 years since been operated my last colonoscopy was one yet after the surgery ,didn't have any other since, so now it's 2 year since ,doctor don't want to do any other for the moment due to the stomach issues I'm having this time with chemo.Since I had about 10 pets/ct and other 10 scans or more since then he thinks something would poped up on PET ! What do you thing about?.Every how many years you got a colonoscopy?

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this is just my experience.i have not had a colonoscopy since being all clear in 2010.i was due one in janurary 2011 but had my ct scan first thats when they found mets in my liver and lung.when i asked surgen about having a clonoscopy he said he was not going to do one because everything was dead in my rectum area where the original tumor was.go figure i dont understand these doctors anymore its out of my hands and the doctors hands anyway.what ever will be will be.sorry i could not be of more help....Godbless..johnnybegood

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I'm having one in June, it will be a year and a half since surgery....but surgeon said if my last CT scan was not good, and if I was on chemo. there would be no colonoscopy. So, in other words if they were treating cancer in other spots there would be no point in a colonoscopy. I wondered too if a CT would show spot inside the colon?? I suppose it would have to be a certain size before it showed up. I am assuming polyps don't show up on CT?? I'm assuming too that with stage 1V that cancer physically in the colon is probably the least of our worries, unless it's causing a blockage.

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I had 2 before resection 4 years ago- both were only partial as I was almost completely obstructed. Then one before the take down of my colostomy, 7 months after surgery, then another one a year later- now it has been 2 years, will have one next year, then hopefully I am good for at least 5 years?

I don't know the protocal for how often? I would think you are due for one, but like your doctor said, he wants to delay it due to your stomach issues.

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The biggest issue for finding any polops using any method is the need for a good bowel cleansing, and I am sure this is what has the doctor concerned if you are already having stomach issues. You will notice that I said "polops" and not cancer. Scans are used to do a 'virtual' colonosopy, but again require bowel prep to see polops.

One hopes that the scans would be able to pick up on any cancer there regardless of bowel content.

I think you should go with the doc on this one. You don't want to stop chemo to improve stomach issues to do a colonoscopy.

Hugs my friend,

Marie who loves kitties

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i was dx july 09 with colon cancer and have had two additional colonoscopies since then - both when I've been off chemo. Doctor's recommendation is to have one annually along with an endoscopy. No chemo 4-6 weeks prior. PET scans don't always pick up everything.

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My situation is probably different as I have been NED since resection two years ago (4/10) and finishing Chemo 10/10.

Had a colonoscopy 4/11 and was told that since there were no polyps I wouldn't need one for another three years.

Blood work every three months and annual scans.

I feel lucky so far

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like margimark, i had ned colonoscopy 1 year after resection. Told I don't need new one for three years.

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Follow up screening after colon cancer is very individual and while tehre are some protocols it is also improtant for docs to look at your individual situation and set up the most appropriate screening for you. Mainly in truth the likelihood is that caner will return outside the bowel if it comes back - hence the varying attitudes to colonoscopy and the emphasis on CT, MRI and PET. It is worth discussing with your own docs thier rationale for your screening programme.

The real sad reality is that there isn't much evidence when I last looked that the screening post cancer actually improves survival and many recurrences are picked up by symptoms not screening. So remaining vigilant (though not obsessed) for symptoms is as good as some of the tests in many cases.


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I was in a study regarding Colonoscopy vs. Colonography at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN recently.

Would you be able to have a Colonography done? The prep is much less and although the Colonoscopy is preferred, a Colonography is being looked at for people who cannot tolerate the prep, etc. for Colonographies. You do not have to be put under for a Colonography and it is a scan rather than an instrument in the colon/rectal area. Maybe worth asking about or if it is available?


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