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CT scan is enough but an extra worry of Biphasic Anaphylaxis

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Last time I had a CT scan I had a mild reaction to the contrast dye, and was given an IV of Benydryl and kept for observation. My symptoms were itching with a mild rash. Not a big deal.
However, the NEXT day in the late afternoon I had a huge reaction---my throat/tongue swelled up, BP plummeted and I became cold and clammy. Next thing I knew the EMTs were clumsily (yet fortunately, rapidly) sticking an IV in my arm, putting a mask over my face and carrying me to an ambulance.
It was very scary and confusing.
The ER Dr. deduced it was from the food I had eaten for dinner; some green curry from a local Thai place, and that was that.
However, yesterday I had the good fortune to see an intelligent allergist. He was setting me up for a protocol before my upcoming scan on Wed. to avoid the hives and itching, when I casually mentioned to him my experience with the green curry and how odd it was.
Turns out the food reaction was not a reaction to the curry at all (something I eat all the time) but a reaction to the contrast dye THE DAY BEFORE.
Biphasic Anaphylaxis is just like it sounds--a second-stage delayed serious reaction, in my case, to the contrast dye.
I need the CT scan but this time around I will be loaded up on steroids and benedryl, and kept for observation.
Feel immensely grateful for crossing paths with the Dr., as he just very well may have prevented another emergency, or tragedy.
Will post Thursday to tell you all it went well. :)

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Years ago I was hanging out by a stream with friends and was bitten by a bug of some sort. I started to swell up and went to Dr who insisted it was something I ate. Well, I didn't eat the bug, I had the mark to prove it but he insisted it was food...
What's my point???
Know thyself...

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just wanted to say good luck on your scans i have had so many that i hate getting them.sorry you have the bad reaction to the dye....Godbless...johnnybegood

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Wow, that's scarey....have you had reaction previously to scans, or just the last one. In other words is it some kind of sensitivity you can develop with having so many scans.

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yikes.....that sounds like a really big reaction and scarey.....

I had that reaction to ace inhibitors....had high blood pressure and took one pill and all he-l broke lose.....

good luck .....oh man.....the crap we go through....


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I am nervous about the scan and it helps to know people who know what I mean. SmokeyJoe, I've had plenty of scans and never had an inkling of a problem, until the last time. To say it caught me off guard would be an understatement.
Thanks for your input everyone and hope your Sunday unfolds nicely.

need support
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Your a good friend to so many on here. You have a team of people in your corner. Wishing you the best. chuck

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Praying things go well for you. I'm off for my CT scan tomorrow.


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