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Waiting on a CT scan...

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I'm basically seeing 2 oncologists, the primary one where I get my chemo, and the other is in a large university cancer center an hour away. The 2nd one is my "hopeful" oncologist, and I'm receiving the protocol she recommended -- folfiri and vectibix. Anyway, I went to see her on Monday this week with my shiny new lab reports showing a drop of my CEA to the "normal" range -- 1.8. I started out at 44 and have had 4 treatments. Dx in January with stage IV mets-liver. Inoperable when dx, but my "hopeful" oncologist was "hopeful" they could get me there. She was ecstatic with my 1.8 CEA and asked if they could squeeze me in if I could stick around that afternoon for a CT scan. She said they had a group of surgeons reviewing cases the next day and she'd like to show them my pics to see what they thought. Of course I said "yes!" I'm a realtor and had a showing lined up later that afternoon, but I've got a great group I work with and had no problem finding people to help. Got a sale from that showing, btw. Making money lying on a table -- isn't that great...lol. Anyway, I go back Monday to get the verdict. I've never wanted someone say they were ready to cut on me so much in my life! Amazing how your perspective changes when you're going through something like this. I'll come back and report what she tells me.

Love this board and all the hope and hugs.


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So very glad for your good news, and hope that Monday brings you the additional good news of being operable.

It is possible to get to the front of the line.


Marie who loves kitties

P.S. congrats on the sale!

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Yes, isn't life funny how our perspective changes. Prayers you get your wish for surgery. For me I feel lucky, lucky for Health Care Reform meant Cancer Screenings for women covered .... after 5 years paying for Mammo and Paps I could get them plus a colonoscopy. Lucky to be here ....Health Care Reform saved my life. Prayers for surgery, prayers for a cure.

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that they can get you to the point of having surgery. I've had five over the last two years, and have gone from being potentially terminal to NED. Could change at any time of course, but it's still a much better position to be in than the one I was in before. Surgery can give us a great chance for a cure, even for a stage 4. I'll be sending good thoughts your way on Monday-Ann

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