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Please help i need answers : does radiation theraphy worsen a cancer patients conditions?

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My mother was diagnosed last January with lung and brain cancer stage 4. She doesn't recieve any treatment because her doctors were telling us that even if we put her on rad theraphy, things won't change. For me, it was like he was telling us to give up and do nothing. He even told us that radiation theraphy will only worsen my mothers condition. That she won't get any better with any treatment they will give her. Please help.....i am constantly arguing with my 2 sisters that i don't belive what her doctor is saying. I want our mother to have rad treatment, but my 2 sisters don't want the treatment. Does it really worsen cancer? Its January 21 now, my mother is always sleepy, can't walk, cant talk and she is very weak. Please i need help.....


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there is always hope.

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Sorry does not seem to convey how I felt when reading your post. My heart hurts for you, as it does everyone else on this forum.
Speak with your doctors again and again, if you feel there is more that can be done, ask and ask… and then ask again. Read and make yourself aware of radiation and its effects, write a list of questions you have and take them to your doctor.
Never give up hope, even when it seems those around you have.
You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.


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This is exactly why second opinions were created. Take your mom to another specialist and see what they say. Pretty much every case is different so it makes sense to find out what another doctor thinks.

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It all depends on what part of the body is being radiated. My husband had radiation to where he had surgery for his prostate cancer and he went to work after each treatment. Maybe a little fatigue. Radiation to the brain is a whole other ballgame. Our son had it twice to the brain and each time it was really hard. This last time he got so bad that he couldn't walk, talk, and was really fatigued. Radiation to the brain causes brain swelling so it makes the effects of the tumor much worse. He was put on high dose steroid which helped some with the effects of brain swelling but had its own severe side effects. After he was done with the radiation, it took at least siz months for the effects to wear off. But by that time, his brain tumor had taken over control, so I wonder if it was all for nothing. That he could have had more quality of life without the radiation. It's a hard decision. Yes, I would get another opinion, but I'm wondering if your doctor is weighing quality over quantity in his recommendation to not have radiation.

Sure hope you get the answers you're looking for.

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Hi Ms. Connie, my mother is 69 yrs. old. She was dianosed last January 2012. Talking with the doctors evrytime, was like our worst day. Saying things like nothing is gonna change anything. Sometimes i think, maybe because he knows we're poor. That even if we ask for another opinion, they will only say the same. Life is tough with people like us who don't have the money to support the person you LOVE. You feel it more when things like these happen, felt like we're not good enough for them. Today is April 27, 2012, my mom's condition is not good. She sleeps most of the day, can't talk , walk and very weak. Ive had really bad days where i could not stop crying for most of the day. I miss her....I love her with all my heart. I still ask "HIM" WHY HER... SHES AN AMAZING PERSON, A MOTHER AND A FRIEND TO US. i DON'T THINK WE'RE GONNA BE OKEY AGAIN...


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Hello Thelma,
I was just reading your post, so sorry for what you are facing with your mothers cancer. Where ever you are in the country, being your mother is 69 years old, she should be on medicare- and each county or state has social services agency, that would beable to help with the medical bills and treatment. Medical bills should no be one of your worries at this point, doctors are NOT to treat patients on the ability to pay. Also, the medical facility you are using also has PATIENT ACCESS ADVOCATE/PATIENT FINANCIAL SERVICES. Do not give up, and get a second opinion. Be bold and strong for your mother, even be pushy,
get the answers and help you need. Good Luck!

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dont give up AMron GOD HELP YOU GUYS IN EVERY DIFFICULT SITUATION i understand what you feel because my father also suffering from brain cancer .i dont know much about radi and chemotherapy .so only one thing i say to you that dnt lose heart and never give up,try to approach some better doctors which will definately help your mother ...god bless to your family ..may your mother GET WELL SOON..trying to bs POSITIVE in these kind of situation ..GOD see everythING and definately help u guys ...plz bE positIve ..takE carE ...

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I am so sorry to hear about your beloved mother.

I will go out on a limb here and re-iterate what your doctors have told you. My doctors told me the same thing when I was presented with the option of radiation therapy in 1996. I was told that radiation could do one of 2 things. Either slow down or stop the tumor from spreading or it could speed up the growth of the tumor. The radiation oncologist said it did happen occasionally, dependent on the type of tumor, location, size, grade, etc.

Obviously, you would like to make sure you are doing everything possible for your mother. But sometimes what our caregivers want and what is best for the patient can sometimes be miles apart. If possible, talk to another radiation oncologist. Even if you don't go see them in person, send the paperwork (or a copy) to another R.O. for their evaluation and opinion. That is truly the only way to know for sure.

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I went through 6 weeks, 5 days a week radiation combined with chemo pills for my GBM. I did okay, but am unsure which gave me the side affects... Loss of appetite, so I got a milkshake machine hehe and fatigue
. I believe the chemo most of the damage, i feel great now.

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