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I usually don't feel like messing with it, but today I am having a really good day, so I put some makeup on. Ummmm, I look like a weird doll. So I re applied, and again, uhhh no. I think the problem is since I have no eyelashes left, I have no lash line to follow with the eye liner. And getting the blush or the cheek color on without it looking like paint is a challenge. Any one have any tips?

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When I returned to work, I still had no eyelashes whatsoever. I just used a little bit of eye shadow and lightly applied blush to my cheeks. If anyone noticed my "bald" eyes, they didn't say anything to me. Perhaps other women on this board will be able to share some specific techniques for applying makeup during chemo treatments.

Glad you're having a good day today!


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Did you sign up for the American Cancer Society's Look Good, Feel Better class? The class is free & you can bring a friend with you.

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I second the recommendation for Look Good, Feel Better. Each participant gets a bag of quality cosmetics and instruction in how to use them, specifically for those without hair. It's really worth the time and effort!

I had trouble with eyebrows also. I found out you can buy stencils for them! Something I learned in LG,FB is to use black eyebrow pencil, even if you have light hair. Eyebrows are darker than the hair on your head, and light pencil always looks artificial. A decent eyeliner will give you the appearance of lashes.

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Mom also did the look good feel good class. We were amazed with the stuff they sent her home with. The funny thing is the instructor was teaching everyone how to put eyebrows on and she was very impressed with mom's. Mom laughed and then admitted to her they were tattooed on years ago when mom's eyebrows fell out during menopause.

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I found that using a lighter colored eyeliner worked best to give the illusion of lashes. All I wanted was to go out and blend in and feel normal. It's hard to recognize yourself without lashes and eyebrows, but they grow back very quickly!
(((HUGS))) Maria

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I didn't make it to the look good feel good and I never wore much makeup. So I went to Walmart bought some false eyelashes and would put them on for special occasions, and believe me it took a lot of putting it on and taking it off but eventually would get it. But like I said I only did that for special occasions, I practice with eyeliner because it really helped, try Rimmel's eyeliner pencil, get it at Walmart or probably any drugstore, it went on really easy and straight, but I would put it underneath the part of my eyelid where your eyelashes use to be and then finish a little on the actually eyelid. Then would put a little on bottom and the pencil has a Smudger on the end so that way you could smudge it if you wanted. I never fooled with much blush just would do my eyebrows and liner on my eyes, that added a lot. Just keep practicing that's what I did. Good Luck.

Hugs and Prayers

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thanks for all the tips, and I had never heard of the class, i will look into that.

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I did the look good feel better class when I went thru chemo. It was really nice because they give you a huge goody bag with makeup products that ate donated by big companys and they show you how to do your makeup. I learned how to pencil my eyebrows in without them looking so penciled. It's worth the call to the American Caner Society.

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I never minded losing the hair on my head, it was a relief not to hassle with it everyday but the brows and lashes were another story. I too took the ACS class but I found that 90% of the items in the goodie bag were out dated or close to being out dated, and I was allergic to all of it. I went to a Bare Escentuals Boutique and they helped me to apply eye make up in a very natural way, The products had no allergens in them and they were very compassionate in their help.
I used a pencil for the brows, then brow powder on top of it to set it, then I used a finishing powder to blend over it to soften it. It stayed on all day. I also used eyeliner on the lid and inside of lid as another lady here suggested. I wear glasses also so I think the frames distracted away from my naked lids. I am 6 weeks post chemo and it's all coming back already.
While we all lose so much with a cancer diagnosis...our true inner beauty and strength are the things cancer cannot take away from us. Shine from the inside out!

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I used a brow stencil to pencil in my missing brows, I found them at ULTA (they're Anastasia brand). Can't remember the brand, but someone makes a set of two brow pencils, they're two different colors, but similar. Using two colors gives a more natural look. Another trick is to use an eye shadow (brown, in my case) with the brow stencil, it gives a softer, more natural look. I took an eye liner pencil and just drew a very thin line where my lashes should be, top and bottom. Smudge really well. For blush, I used a bronzer/blush (it's Laura Geller, found at ULTA or Sephora) which is a very light bronzer with some pink in it. Looked good as it gave a healthy color as well as a blush. I also used a lip gloss or sheer lip color as a dark lipstick looked funny. Hope these tips help.....

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I always wore it to work and whenever I left the house. It's funny but as I was reading these posts it occured to me that I don't think I wore makeup through my treatment. I am having trouble remembering. Maybe it's because once my treatment began I only left the house to go to chemo or doctor's appointments. I never lost my eyebrows although I'm sure they thinned out some. I did lose my eyelashes so that is probably why I didn't put makeup on.


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