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Mom's Update

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Hello All,

We got my mom's patho report and her treatment plan. Her cancer involved the right ovary and fallopian tube and the omentum. It is poorly differentiated papillary serous carcinoma. The good news (if there is any is that) it's stage 3 instead of stage 4, which we were told prior to the patho report. It has not spread to any vital organs nor lymps nodes or the lymph system. Prayer works and really changes things.

My mom had the S/S (signs & symptoms) for awhile but had ignored them and thought that it was just flare ups from an ulcer. She walked into the hospital for what she thought was a small bowel obstruction and 2 months later we have ovarian cancer.

The plan is 3 rounds of taxol/carbo then radiation and 3 more rounds of taxol/carbo. She gets her port placed on next Thursday then the cancer fight continues. She has gained some of her weight back and her nausea has decreased. We all are in good spirits and feel positive that she too will be able to claim NED!!!

I ordered her a chemo bag with all of the works, and now I'm looking for some really lovely scrafs. Thanks again for the advise for the cotton under the scrafs for the non slip effect.

This website has been a comfort and blessing for my family!

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Glad to hear you finally have more info about your mom's situation.

I'm wondering if you were given an explanation as to why radiation therapy was chosen as part of your mom's treatment plan. Radiation therapy is rarely offered as first line therapy for women with ovarian cancer but is is commonly used for uterine/endometrial cancer.

You may want to jump over and visit the uterine cancer discussion board as those lovely ladies may be helpful to give you support regarding the radiation therapy. Radiation therapy has its own set of issues.

Best wishes to both of you.

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My mom has to have radiation also because they weren't able to remove all of her cancer during her surgery and she still have cancerous cells in the abd that chemo alone will not fight. Her cancer started in the ovary but spread infecting other organs (not vital organ or lymph nodes). It's the cell type and the origin which determines the treatment.

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Sending you and your mom good thoughts and prayers! Please keep us posted on her progress.


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