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Cramps and gas

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I am new to all this. Just had my first treatment two weeks ago. HAve been trying to manage my bowels by using pills etc that the doctor recommended but have been getting lots of cramps?? Is this normal? Also how long before the hair starts coming out? As I said I am new to all this. Not much fun is it?

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They told me to take solace for constipation and it gave me horrible cramps, when I started chemo they told me to take Miralax which was better. But when I was taking solace the cramps would be so bad I thought I was gonna pass out, so I had to quit it. Then when I got sick of the miralax, I started on dolcalax and it worked pretty good too. I started losing my hair after my 2nd treatment, that's when I went ahead and had it shaved was tired of seeing it fall out everyday, it is sad when it falls out, but once I had it shaved it was like I was in control then. Good Luck and stay strong.

Hugs and Prayers

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I'm so sorry you're going through this. It is difficult to stay on top of the bowel situation. Different things work for different people. But one thing we all need is lots of water. I know it's difficult sometimes to drink so much, but all of the pills/powders will only work if you drink water all the time, not just with the preparation.

The good news about your hair is that it will come back! The second time I had to go through chemo I decided to 'buzz' my hair off when it started falling out. Made it easier to deal with, and I didn't have to see all the clumps in the sink or on my pillow. And when my hair grew back everyone loved my short hairdo. I never would have gotten it cut that short, but since that's all I had I went with it and it was fun and easy to style!

Sending love, hugs and prayers, Cindy. Let us know how you're doing, okay?


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I am so sorry you have this diagnosis. And yes, bowel issues are major. Constipation and then when I finally get that started it goes the other way with horrid cramps. Ugh!! I got some great ideas on here after my second treatment when I was greatly concerned about getting an obstruction. Some of the gals on here said to be proactive. As in taking the stool softener and miralax a few days prior to treatment and then continue with that a few days after, along with apples, prune juice, lots of water, veggies. The difficulty comes when you have a lot of nausea and you dont want any of it. My second treatment the nausea pretty much non existent.
I had shaved my head before first treatment, some hair started coming out a couple weeks after. Even though my head was shaved I was shattered to see the totally bald spots. BUT, I have some little knit caps that are so comfy and easy, and I bought a couple of those cute hats they sell at Target. I looked like a goof in those turbans, but that's just me. I hope things calm down for you. And I will be "prepping" myself prior to next treatment and let you know how that goes. Please come back to this site for your concerns. There are some really great women on here that are farther into treatment that can cheer you on and give some options.

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You've come to the right place for support and information. As I recall, my hair started falling out a couple of weeks after my first treatment. There would be hair on my pillow in the morning and large handfuls would come out when I washed my hair. My chemo treatments were during the winter months last year, which means my head was always cold. I didn't go the wig route but I chose to wear hats and scarves, and I wore a knit cap when I went to bed at night. Losing the hair is a huge deal but I have to say, it was great not having to wash my hair, style my hair with a curling iron, and not have to shave my legs and armpits. I saved quite a bit on shampoo and hairspray.

Please keep us posted on your progress!

Take care,

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