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Light drainage question?

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I am about 1yr. post treatment and a question came up at my doc appointment today. I was seeing someone I have not seen before as a consultation before a colonoscopy (I have a colostomy as a result of my AC) and so he wanted to discuss the procedure. In going over my condition he seemed bothered about the fact that I have still to wear a pad at all times for an almost constant but very light drainage. Truthfully I sound ignorant but I can't be sure if it comes from the vaginal area or anal area, and is sometimes very very lightly blood tinged or at least it is discolored. This is separate from a more mucus type drainage that is occasional and from the anal area. I think he mis-understood and thought it was abnormal bleeding of sorts and now has me going to see a GYN specialist. I don't really mind going, but I don't think its any thing other than what we sometimes call the "new normal." Anyhow, do others have a dampness, drainage, discharge, or the like as a result of pelvic radiation or is this not really normal as I think? I am keeping my appointment either way, just curious. As always,all in my prayers.

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I had quite a bit of drainage from the anal area for up to two years post treatment. It's now gone away (I'm a little over the 3 1/2 year mark). But I'm not sure how that correlates with a colostomy. Don't know if, with the colostomy, one is supposed to have drainage. There are some others on the board who have had colostomies and they will most likely chime in. I haven't had any unusual drainage from the vaginal area (yes, a little, but I think it's pretty normal and not a result of the treatment).

It's great that you're seeing a gyn specialist - I have yet to see someone who's familiar with patients who have had pelvic radiation but it sound like a good idea.

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