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7 yr Metastic Colon Cancer veteran recently hears he's Cancer Free again:)

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To make a long story short, I’ve been battling CRC for almost 7 year, Dec. 14th will be the start of my 7th year. On Dec. 14, 2004 I was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer, (1) tumor in my liver the size of a pea and (3) spots on my liver. Immediately following the dx, I was put on folfox and had very good results, 6 wks later the spots were gone from liver and the tumor on my colon began to decrease in size. March 2005, I had a colon resection; they took 6 inches of colon and left the rest. After I recouped from surgery I finished my folfox and (5) wks of radiation. A month later I was declared NED, I took the next 4 months off. Fast forward to Feb 2006, one tumor reappears on my liver, doctors decide that surgery to chryo tumor was the answer, they did, and for the next 2 years I was cancer free. June of 2008, I go for scan, they find a spot very near chryo’d tumor, this time they decide to do a liver resection. Surgery goes well, I’m NED until Oct of 2009. We do a periodic ct scan, results show 2 more spots appear, a very small spot on a lymph node in intestinal area, near liver, and the other in the plural of my right lung. At that point my doctor tells me that my cancer is now incurable,the plural tumor is inoperable, and chemo (folfiri) is my only option. Two years later, Oct 2011, doctor is surprised that no other cancer appears, especially given the fact that I was taking chemo every 4-5 weeks. We decide to do a Pet scan to see if there’s anything new, and as it turns out, there’s not. The tumor in my intestine has been the same size for 2 year, it’s showing up hot in the Pet scan, and the spot in my plural looks to be calcified, no activity shown on Pet. Today, both my onc and surgeon decide the once inoperable tumor in my lung is now operable, they want to remove it along with the tumor in my gut in the near future, early Dec, 2011.
I’m not too worried about abdominal surgery, I’ve had (3) up to this point, and I know what to expect. I’m far more worried about the plural surgery. They’re going to do (2) 2” incisions between my ribs, deflate my right lung, cut out the tumor if possible, depends on what they see. Doc says it’s going to hurt like hell. Not looking forward to this at all, but I’m going to do it. Two years ago, I was told that I had incurable cancer, after this surgery, there’s a very good chance that I’ll be cancer free again. Although it may be temporary 3,6,9 months, a year or two or five, I’m going for it. The lesson to be learned here is to never lose hope and keep battling because you just never know.

A little about me, in January of 2012 I’ll turn 50, can’t wait! They will surgically have to remove the smile off my face after that party. I have a wife and 9 year old son who I absolutely adore. Throughout this ordeal, I have and continue to work full time. Despite my cancer, I’m in good health and I rarely get sick. My life is fairly normal, I cut my grass, shovel the snow, chase after my kid, I have a good life.

I’ll post after I heel from my surgery.
Fast forward to today, 4-20-2012.

I was scheduled to have surgery last December on my abdomen and the plural of my right lung, however, my doctor(s) decided I needed some radiation before the surgery. I did this in Feb/March of this year with great results. Middle March I had PT scan and the node shrunk in half and the small tumor in my plural did not light up at all, doc now think it's scar tissue because it's been the same size for the last 3 years:) Fast forward to April 13th, 2012, my surgeon successfully removed the node in my abdomen. I was just released from the hospital yesterday and I'm writing this note from the comfort of my home office. My tummy is sore however, I couldn't be happier. This 7-year cancer veteran, who's seen many of battles, 4 major open abdomen surgeries, about 50 doses of chemo, and (2) five week Radiation therapies is alive and well, and cancer free:)

BTW, had a great 50th birthday in January with friends and family.


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It has been a while ,sad about what you have had to endure but glad you are still here to tell us about it. Happy birthday mate may you hang in there for a heap more,Ron.

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Similar story to mine except I was dx in Feb 2004 with stage IV CC. Did chemo with Avastin that just came out, had successful HAI pump therapy, colon & liver resections. Did Erbitux when that came out and have been on that since mid-2005. No radiation, basically non-stop with the chemo-lite. Never NED, no hurry either because of the roller coaster ride.

The bottom line is that one can live a long time with cancer or with being NED and bumps in the road all while having a decent to good quality of life. Also don't take it as written in stone if a doctor says one is inoperable, so often they are...mistaken.
Happy 50th, enjoy your son and wife, they can make a huge difference in one's attitude and outcome I believe.
Nice to see you post again BB, it's been a while
Age 54 and change...

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Wow what an great story..Thank you soo much for taking the time to post.It gives us all a bit of hope....And somethimes thats all we need in life is hope...I hope to be around in 7 years time to see my 2 babies 1 year old and 2 year old turn into little people....7 year with or without this beast either way i don't mind as long as I am here...

Thank you

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Nana b
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You can't stop living your life because of cancer. The worry alone could kill you. I'm stage 4 and at one time thought twice about remodeling my kitchen. Not anymore, I won't think negatively I will keep living my life as though I'm living to 100, just like my grandmothers and gret grandmothers.

Sage 4 DX Nov 2008.

Happy Birthday! To many more! Glad to hear you have a great liove. Keep it hot!

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So glad you posted this :) Hope you remain NED for a very very very long time, you've been through so much already!!! Happy belated birthday :)

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Great story. Thank you for sharing it with us. Similar to mine. I was dx in October 05 stage IV. I have had 3 liver resections. My most resent was this past December. I am currenty NED and have 5 more rounds of mop up chemo. I would love to hear from you more often. We can all use more long term survivor stories. Happy 50th birthday.


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" alive and well, and cancer free:) " - great story, loved reading about your sucesses! Wishing you continued good health!


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posted twice .. sorry1


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Nice to hear your story Buster. Thanks for sharing and best of luck, Tom

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Dear Buster,

Thank you for your words. You are an inspiration, and your words are a bright spot to me. I am thankful to have found this site. The support I have found in stories such as yours are a vital part of my progress. =) I want to say; Happy anniversary of life! I hope your next trip around the sun is amazing! =)

Your friend,

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Buster I love your story.....congrats....thanks so much for posting. Our paths are close. Gives me hope.....


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Thank you for sharing your story. I need to hear it at a very vunerable time in my life. I am usally very positive about beating this cancer but fighting it for a third time has without a doubt rocked my confidence. Your story gives me hope. Third times the charm right?

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Thank you for sharing your story. I need to hear it at a very vunerable time in my life. I am usally very positive about beating this cancer but fighting it for a third time has without a doubt rocked my confidence. Your story gives me hope. Third times the charm right?

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Thank u for sharing your story and wishing u continued success remaining cancer free
and enjoying life!
I recently had 2 surgeries for lung mets and a liver tumor-chemo to follow...I am stage IV....
These boards and stories keep me going in a positive direction.
Thank you and bless you and your family!
Sincerely. Barb

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Thanks Buster for giving us all HOPE. Hope and determination is all we have.
Part of our heeling is in the brain. I believe that our body does respond to our brain.
So also a very happy belated 5oth Birthday. UP to the next 50, one day at a time.
Bless you for posting,

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Greetings Buster.

as i read your blog post and the story of your battle... i was thinking, "holy crap, how's this guy keep pushing forward?" You've been through so much and you continue to be positive.

you are inspiring to the rest of us and wish you many more birthdays.

thanks again for sharing and congrats.

my best



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Thanks for your uplifting story. You are a fighter! And it's paying off. Good for you. May you stay NED forever!


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I got to celebrate my 50th this year too - woohooo! Such a milestone for those of us diagnosed before age 50. Congratulations on 7 years! Heal up from that surgery and go celebrate!!!

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Whoooo Hoooooo!!! Glad your with us and doing well!!!
Winter Marie

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Thanks for the inspiration- I am seven years post op and in recurrence at present. It may or may not be treatable but is great to read of long stories such as your own. Glad you enjoyed that birthday!


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Hey man,

Your story has always resonated me - it was an attention getter when I saw your post last year about you going 7-years and then recurring...

It spoke volumes to me - it said that even if we get past the 5-year mark that the medical community considers our cancer 'clear', that it can always be there ready to come out again.

Your story is a lesson for all of us - a lesson that many of us don't want to hear - and certainly don't want to acknowledge.

I was a 7-year guy last year and fought my 3rd recurrence....it was one of the hardest fights of my life as my body "just ain't" what it used to be, but I made it through...now a year later, I'm about to mark 8-years next month in June in the fight and staring at a possible/probably 4th recurrence.

For some of us, we can walk away - for others of us, the road is a little less travelled.

I just wanted to say that your story has had some significant impact on me, because it speaks in volumes about many of the things that I like to talk about. Your story tells me what I already know - I'm in it for the long-haul.

And I'll just have to drive the wheels right off this race-car and see where the road takes me - and takes all of us too.

Continued best of luck in your fight - you're in the U.K., right?


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I'm glad that you brought in the Big 5-0!

As Kathryn said, it is a big milestone for those of us who were dx'd under the age of 50...I was dx'd 8-years ago...about 3-years into the fight, my doctors and liver surgeon told me that it was "highly unlikely" that I would see the following Xmas....

...much less make it 8-years.

It's good stuff and heartiest congrats on your b'day and your success.


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"The lesson to be learned here is to never lose hope and keep battling because you just never know."

So right you are, and a challenge in its own right to do just that! May you have many more birthdays, and many joys with family and friends. I reached 60 this year and considered that a big milestone too!

all the best,

dx 5/08 stage 4a rectal cancer
LAR 9/08; R hepatectomy 10/08 NED
neoadjuvant and adjuvant FOLFOX; pelvic radiation.
recurrence 6/10-12/10 4 lung nodules; 1 in each lobe
lung Stereotactic Radiation 1/11
NED still!(last lung CT 4/12)

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Greetings all...
Thanks for the kind words they are greatly appreciated.

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You've been through so much but it seems to be that you keep coming through. Thank you for this great story. I'm hoping for continued health for you. Happy 50th :)


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