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PEG tube pain....

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How long before the cramping ends...I'm literally laid up because every more brings on sweeping spasm in my gut...almost to my knees kind of spasm...I'm home now, but have pretty much laid half sitting up in bed today...with short walks to the kitchen and of course the car when I left the hospital...


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I just posted earlier, so just hanging out on the site. So you know Im just checking on you, I know you have had a rough few days getting what you had done. Just wanted to say hello and I know you will get some answers from the folks....hope you get feeling better / praying for ya....

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The peg tube for me was the worst pain I have ever experienced. I remember laying in the hospital bed between the stainless steel rails in agony as I stared at the bed remote. The problem was that the pain was so intense that I could not move my body the inches required to grasp the remote and adjust my bed. I don't know if they put it in a bad spot as far as nerves go but the pain was almost unbearable at times and it hung on at a high level of discomfort for probably a week or so. Don't be afraid to take those pain meds and try and get some sleep as I know you are still dealing with that lung puncture.

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but glad to know this isn't unique with me. The only pain meds I have are from the surgeon for the lung (which doens't hurt)...hydrocodone...I've been taking 2 every 4 hours, but they don't do much for the cramping. When I woke up from surgery yesterday, I thought I was going to die...no kidding...every breath, every tiny move from any part of my body sent me into a wild spasming that would not end. They finally gave me dilaudid, ativan, and the codiene...I slept for 12 hours. But woke up to the cramping...it's enough to put you to your knees.

As long as there is an end in sight (a week?? YIKES), I hope I can hang on...but was thinking that tomorrow, since I have to go up for another chest xray and see the surgeon, I might stop by the butt Dr.'s and tell them in case this isn't normal.

Sitting here at the computer is "write three words, breath thru a spasm"...it's right up there with labor pains.

I have some Ativan from the Oncologist...should I try one of those?


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Phrannie. You've had a pretty rough start this week. Saying a special prayer for your cramping to end soon and that you have a restful nights sleep so you can enjoy a pain-free weekend before you start your treatment next week. Take some pain meds and the Ativan to help you.

God Bless.

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I was wondering how long it took for this pain to go away or what happened?  My mom had a PEG tube place a week ago and is having the same kind of pain.  The Dr's have no idea what is wrong and sent her for a CAT scan and blood work today.  She can't even hardly move and we went to the ER last night where they also had no idea.

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I tried to get up and I ended up throwing up and couldn't move for about 8 hours. The pain wss terrific.  My Dr. wouldn't believe me and I insisted that they give me a CT scan to see if I they missed the stomach. after 8 hours they finally agreed. Everything was OK but I was still in pain. they wanted to send me home and I said that I couldn't go home because i couldn't move. Finally, the Dr. came by and cut a few stiches and immediately I was fine. I said thank you and then left. After that I had no trouble. 

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4 days....then just faded away.  If your mom has been hurting like that for a week, I'd give the butt Dr. a call...maybe pulling a couple stitches might work like it did for lori g?


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I never had any pain or discomfort, much less cramps. Did the physician say anything about the possibility of this happening? If not, I would be concerned about this.
Has anyone on this site had the same issue?

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Hey Phrannie, I am sorry to hear that you are suffering so tremendously. I did not have any discomfort after my PEG was placed. I strongly suggest that you call your GI doc poste haste to find out why you are in such terriable pain, and what to expect regarding intensity and longevity.


Mrs. Sarge
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So sorry you're having these complications!! Something good is bound to happen soon....you're due for it!! I agree it seems severe, considering what others are saying about their PEG. I'd make sure it's placed right. Good wishes and prayers to you!

Kent Cass
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I didn't really have what I'd call pain. Disomfort, yes, the first couple days, and it was like cramping, but nothing the Hydro couldn't make a minor thing. Where, exactly, is the port of entry of your tube, Phrannie? Mine was about 1.5" slightly above and to my left of my belly button. There isn't an awful lot they have to breach to get into the stomach, but there is the abdominal wall, which is a mesh of tightly-wound and miniscule webbing, of sorts. Possible they cut into more than really needed. Could also just be that you're hypersensitive there for some reason, too. Your body will settle in with it. Just take the meds and try to relax. Should get much better pretty soon.


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Pam M
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I was concerned about my pain only because I normally have a high threshold, and I fully expected to just have discomfort after my procedure to install my tube. I was told that my placement was fine (I was concerned, not understanding why I was still having pain days after the procedure). Some folks do have more pain than others, I was also obese at the time (I can see from your pic you don't suffer from that particular affliction), so doc said it made sense that I'd have more pain, since I had more "tissue damage" (what a kind way of saying "We had to dig our way past a foot of flab, lady"). My pain was not as intense as yours, though. A week after my tube installation, during my second round of induction chemo, I woke up in a puddle of blood. This, apparently, rarely happens. My son's girlfriend, who was kind enough to collect me and take me to the hospital, later said the bed looked like something from a horror movie - nice (personally, I don't think so, but I was surprised by the amount of blood). My gastro's nurse had no interest in my plight - seems having the doc install the device didn't qualify me for an emergency appointment - I'd have to become an established patient for that (have a "regular" office visit first) - she said if I was so concerned, I should go to the emergency room - my doc was "very busy, and does not have an opening for a regular appointment before your scheduled surgery follow up appointment". I don't want to scare you - My doc was very surprised it happened (when I told him about it two weeks later, when I finally got in for an appointment). I got the blood to stop (or REALLY slow) before we even left for the hospital. Emergency room's best guess was that I probably tried to lay on my side in my sleep, and ended up in an awkward position, trying to accommodate my chemo pump, and put pressure on the tube, pushing it sideways, and causing the blood to flow. No real damage to me, PEG was fine. I used pillows and rolled up blanket to keep me in place, on my back after that, though.

Oops - started typing to make you feel better, to let you know that some people have pain even with proper placement - ended up with a mini novel scary story. I truly don't know of anyone else who had the bleeding issue I had, though. But I WOULD talk to my doctor if I were you - it made me feel so much better when the hospital checked my placement, and told me my PEG was fine.

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I'm not a Dr. but this nsounds a bit excessive to me. I've vever had pain from a g-peg. If you hae a J-peg then that might be different. Hang in the Phrannie, you really have been off to a shakey start. Pam is right - go see the Dr.


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jim and i
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I agree with Pam and Denny, go to the doctor. Jim had mild discomfort the first day but that was it. I know others had more pain but I thing with the pain meds not helping and a pain level that keeps you from moving you should call the doctor. Better safe than sorry.


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So very sorry to hear what you are going through. We are each different, don't take a chance, let the doctor know that you are in intense pain. Prayers that the pain eases up quickly coming your way.


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what did I miss, why do you have peg tube again?  How could I be this blind, sweet Phrannie mine hurt for weeks.  I started tucking gauze underneath the bumper and a lot of neosporin and the shoe lace tie, funny everything I do was your advice, so follow your own advice it works!


i have some reading to do apparently!


love ya,



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SmileThe beggining post is over a year old.

Love ya Rach , and I was so happy to see your good news this morning !!! I had been wondering for a couple of days how your test came out .


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Seems this was P's original post from a year ago about the PEG. There was a response that brought it to the top of the forum. 


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