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Bowel obstructions - again

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Hi all,
Mum still of chemo, only the hormones until next check-up in may 15 (diagnosed in feb '11, stage IV - 8 rounds of carbo/taxol). But the bowel obstructions suck. Pain and womiting all the time. We are told this is very common but anyway, have are you all dealing with this? Is it common? She is on a "cancer patient diet" from her dietist. So what else can be done?
Thank you all and keep up your spirit,

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Tina Brown
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I am suffering with bowel problems. I do not have an obstruction but I am constipated because the bowel is so squashed inside of me because of the cancer. I have to take laxatives every day to ensure my bowels get open once a day. If not I get terrible pain and vomitting.

I would be interested to know what her special diet is.

Cheers Tina xx

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I know it's not nice when there is a bowel obstruction because I've had lots .. been there, bought the t-shirt... but not quite as it always is in medicine. I hope she feels well soon because bowel obstructions can feel monumentally awful but then the pain is gone and things get back to normal. I know the bowel and what it does poses a problem when peritoneal cancer is diagnosed. I have late stage disease but I manage with the help of Movicol. When I take laxatives, I have problems because things don't work normally. Movicol works differently in that it draws water into the bowel so that motions can pass without hinder. Please don't get hung up about bowel problems. They are a problem with the disease, I agree. Often, though, things can be overcome and semi-normal bowel activity can be back to where it was. Very good thoughts go out to you and yours. :)

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Tina Brown
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Thanks to Wanttogetwellsoon. I am trying to find a way to manage my sluggish bowels as my cancer has grown and is now squashing it. I am taking a stool softener twice a day. But my onc advised me to also take movicol. But she didn't explain how the 2 work differently. So know I understand I will use it now. I think it is important to just think "this is my new normal" and if I need some help then so be it.

Having constipation really does make you feel generally ill all over and sometimes it makes me sick. I get bad heads and severe stomach pains. I think the trick is to avoid it getting this bad and take preventative measures by taking laxatives on a daily basis as a prevention.

Tina xxxx

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If and only if the blockage is not a complete blockage, then some people recommend drinking a can of coke which may dissolve and open the blockage. May be worth a shot.


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