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kimberly sue 63
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We have had a lot of talk about CA125. Here is some info from the ACS link...http://www.cancer.org/Cancer/OvarianCancer/OverviewGuide/ovarian-cancer-overview-new-research

"Tumor markers

Some women with epithelial ovarian cancer have normal levels of the tumor marker CA-125. In these women, the only way to tell whether treatment is working (or to see if the cancer has come back) is to do tests like CT scans. Experts have found that in many women with ovarian cancer, the blood level of a protein called HE4 is increased. If you have ovarian cancer and a normal CA-125 level, your doctor may decide to check the HE4 level. If it is high, it can be used instead of CA-125 to guide treatment."

Has anyone had the HE4 levels done?

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I have my HE4 measured regularly. My medical oncologist ordered them for awhile, to see if they worked, as she had not heard of the test before. She lost interest, however, so my nurse practitioner orders it. My CA-125 has been a good marker for me, but the HE4 is supposed to be an earlier indicator if the CA-125 is going to rise.

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Yes, I was monitoring both cancer markers for a while. The lab had to send the sample to the Mayo Clinic for the HE4 & I didn't get results for 2 weeks. For me, the CA-125 is the better test anyway so I don't need a back up test.

I have noticed some women on here report that their CA-125 did not elevate when they had recurrence that was only present in their lymph nodes.

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