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Surgery is Monday then next step. . .

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First of all I would like to thank everyone for thier post, they have been helpful the last few weeks. But Monday is my surgery, I am hanging onto the hope it will be the only treatment. Unfortunately, I have not seen anyone who has had only surgery thus I am trying to be prepared for the next step which from what I have read hear and on other sites would be some form of raidation. I am considering brachy(internal) vs external. Any advise?

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I hope your surgery goes well and you have a positive Path report. I also pray that you don't need any further treatment. I'm not sure about the Brachy treatment, which way to go.I was diagnosed with Endo cancer in Jan. and had my DaVinci surgery in Feb. and started 3 rounds of Chemo in March. It was Stage 1a Grade 2 and I wouldn't have needed any further treatment except that I had a positive pelvic wash so I did it as a precaution. Good luck to you and speedy healing!

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Do you hve the choice of internal or external? I have read many posts where people ask if they should do this or that. I have not had the choice of do you want this cheo drug or which radiation do you prefer.

As I write, I am at the radiation oncology office drinking my barium for my radiation simulation ct scan. T my initial consultation, dr told me 5 weeks external, 1 week internal.

I am sure there are many deciding factors but I am typically give a date and time to show up for my next adventure.

Best of lick with your surgery on Monday.

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After my surgery and after my chemo, about a year later, my gyn/onc originally told me I wouldn't need radiation but after a year decided that I should have it. He wanted me to have both internal and pelvic. But my radiation/onc did not agree. He said that the risk (for me) of pelvic radiation outweighed the benefits. So I only had 3 brachytherapies. Because I had severe scarring from the endometriosis (the initial reason for my hysterectomy) he was afraid I would scar too much.

My best to you on your upcoming surgery.

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I only had to have surgery after being diagnosed with endometrial adenocarcinoma last year. My cancer was stage 1, grade 1, and my doctor advised no further treatment. Hoping all the best for you, and perhaps you will get the same news I had.


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